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  • Re: Should I do this trade?

    You should have hit accept ASAP. Posting this means he has time to reconsider this absolutely crazy offer.

  • Re: 2016 - 2017 Draft Discussion

    ROUND 4

    4.1 Lilstinkylynx - Cody Zeller

    I had just taken Lin with my prior pick and as I knew his TOs would be a problem, I was looking to counter that with this pick. There's upside with this pick and the departure of Al Jefferson. His replacement in Hibbert makes this pick even more tasty because we all know Hibbert isn't stealing as much playtime as Al Jefferson did and that wasn't much towards the end. Cody is not a sexy player by any means but he doesn't hurt you and my team needs a bit of that with some risky players I've decided to draft and keep as my core.

    4.2 DaRuhl - Patrick Beverley

    Wondering if @DaRuhl should have gone with another player for team build respects. His team is uber deficient in points and uber efficient in TOs. Makes sense with the players he has roster. As the draft goes deeper, certain CATs are much harder to come by. Steals and points come to mind as the top two. Patricks real life defensive prowess has always overshadowed is actual box score. He doesn't give that much in assists which is a major concern for this team as well. His threes are alright but not elite by any means. For that reason alone, I feel maybe he should have focused on a better scorer seeing how scarce that CAT gets late. We all know their are plenty of 3 point specialists late and witht he game moving more towards the three point line, the numbers of players to draft for that CAT has continued to increase as well. I know this may sound crazy, but ROSE on your team makes a lot of sense. Not saying you should have drafted him here because you could have had him later but he does fill a few gaps in your team.

    4.3 Dasein - Harrison Barnes

    For a team built on efficiency, this pick makes a lot of sense and there a low risk at this point in the draft. Not sure Harrison has it in hiom to do anything special but the Brass in Dallas will make sure he has every opportunity to. Parsons was a much better player but they decided to go with the guy without a history of breaking down. With that said, I don't see him finishing much higher than where he is picked and not much lower either.

    4.4 Tonym - Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

    KCP finished at 86 in PER and 69 in TOTAL value based on BBM. We already know Stan is cutting his minutes and I feel like unless he ups his steals or 3PT% he will be regressing this season. BTW, another one of those effciency guys whose value is buoyed by 3s and low TOs.

    4.5 Phil O'Pastry [Acquired Via Trade] - Jusuf Nurkic

    Handcuff time for MR I finish completeing my team every season before the 3rd round finishes. In all seriousness though, this is less a handcuff and more just a great pick. They experimented last season w/ the Jokic and Nurkic combo and I expect they try it more so this season. Manimal is a waste and I'm sure they are trying every combo that limits his playtime. The only question here is How much time will Nurkic get. I feel he's the more polished of the two players and if it weren't for the injury he had to work through last season, he'd would have shown as much. all signs point to him being healthy and I expect he'll get a ncie run... even moreso that Nokic but I know I'm in the minority in that respect.

    4.6 Bricks - Robert Covington

    4.7 Phil O'Pastry [Acquired Via Trade] - Jrue Holiday

    There is no reason why Jrue should have lasted this long. I only say that because currently there are only a handful of teams that viably can compete for the top spot. Jrue is a legit keeper and stud and only health holds him back. For a team like @baller7037 who loves drafting PGs, it made no sense for him to draft the guys he did over a Keeper who could turn his team around much faster. @Phil_OPastry now has a guy who if he makes it back in the second half of the season will give him a major push towards winning this season. He already filled out his roster early so landing this pick like he did is just ridiculous. Worst case is that he has a guy he trades for a future pick that doesn't hurt his chances to win this season in any way but can only help. BEST PICK OF THE DRAFT PERIOD!!!

    4.8 Boyet401 - Robin Lopez

    BORING!!! That's just my opinon of ROLO and not the pick. Great value at this point of the draft and the only big left who doesn't hurt you anywhere. He is the guy that will do all the dirty work and there will be plenty of that to go around in Chicago. I'm still not sure how all the pieces fit in Chicago but ROLO shouldn't be affected by it in any way. He should easily post what he did last season and I guess that's a bit BORING. LOL

    4.9 Ddomrow - Bradley Beal

    Man, how little love Beal gets. I've never been a fan and the fact he fell this far must mean most aren't either. With that said, to get this kind of scoring this late is a huge win. also, given that he's gotten paid and all the talk about how he isn't worth it... I feel he comes out with a chip on his shoulder and does some better than past things. Also, Wall may not be back and that all helps in some nice early production. Just remember to sell high on the kid since he wont be making it through the whole season.

    4.10 Jasonuoft [Acquired Via Trade] - DeMarre Carroll

    Another one of those efficiency guys that seem to be a plenty these days. I expect a nice bounce back and I feel like he slipped a bit too far. Sometimes we go off last years ranking too much and that hurts. He obviously has his faults and his FT drag being one of them. With that said, it's not an issue for @jasonuoft up to this point and the rest of his stats fit his team build needs... especially them steals and low TOs. I mean he was brought in to defend and spread the floor right?

    4.11 TekOpp - Dwight Howard

    Baffled by this pick to say the least. Singlehandedly he drags your FT to a point that can't be made up by his other contributions. He's on the decline and I still hate him for ebing a punk and shunning my Lakers eventhough it turned out be a good thing. Clint for a team as young as @Tek and the upside he has plus he can do what Dwight does basically minus the points seems to be a better pick if you're going to take that hit in FT's anyways.

    4.12 Lilstinkylynx [Acquired Via Trade] - Wesley Matthews

    Another guy who fell based on last season stats. Just look back all the seasons prior and we had a nice top 50 guy. I know there are concerns that he will never return to that form and that is all legit but guy still played 34 minutes last season and still hit 2.4 treys. Obviously he couldn't do what he used to do and we could see that improved towards seasons end. Plus, he has a much more capable passer in Bogut and Barnes (both came from a team all about ball movement) so that should all work in his favor to find more open looks. Not expecting anything crazy here but the value will be good. Not to mention, he's a baller and I feel he wants to remind people as much.

  • Re: 2016 - 2017 Draft Discussion

    Although I think Ingram will be the better fantasy player in the end, I think @baller7037 was better suited to go with Simmons. Obviously he doesn't need the assists on his 10 PG rostered team, but if you are planning on keeping DeAndre, then Simmons fits that punt build to a tee and his value actually jumps. Ingrams eventual good percentages as a shooter gets lost on @baller7037 roster. I'm not sure where @baller7037 is going with his team but at some point you have to stop rebuilding and try to compete even if that means you go against the norm and try a punt ft strategy in roto. If anything, now is the best time to try that strategy because there are so many guys who can't shoot ft for ish and their value jumps for fantasy purposes when you punt.

  • Re: Harden for Klay and Love???

    @Fenris_77 said:
    If you have Harden I'd say no. Someone is trying to sell Klay before it becomes obvious that he's going to have the same issue that Love already does - not enough ball to maintain previous production.

    Agreed. Not to mention I don't like the idea ever of trading away the best player in the trade scenario.

  • Re: 2016 - 2017 Draft Thread

    3.12 Jeremy Lin
    4.1 Cody Zeller