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  • Re: 2017 - 2018 Draft Discussion

    5th Round Thoughts

    5.1 Lilstinkylynx [Acquired Via Trade] - Marcus Smart

    So after my two man crushes got swiped from me... I fell for a guy who I had a love hate relationship with last season and ended up trading away. Smart does many things well except shoot. If he could ever just up that efficiency in that department a bit we would see quite a leap in fantasy rankings. I'm betting for that to happen this season and even if he doesn't his value should fall right around this ballpark. He is positioned well in real life to get quality time and has a definite defined role that only gotten better with the departures and acquisitions this off season. But damn do I wish I had Ingles or Richardson and didn't need to take Smart.

    5.2 Jasonuoft [Acquired Via Trade] - Patrick Beverley

    I love Beverley this season and we just have to hope that his starting partner isn't Rivers. I don't see Rivers as a particularly good fit but I'm not the coach and definitely I'm not the dad who wants to shove his son down everyone's throat. LOL. Solid pick with room to grow still and playing on this Clippers team should give us a good idea of where his Top Value really is or if he has peaked already.

    5.3 Lilstinkylynx [Acquired Via Trade] - John Collins

    So... the plan was to take Dedmon first and get that nice quality first half run from him and hoping that it would last post all star break. If Dedmon does happen to fall off in the second half, this is when I expect Collins to shine. I'm not battling for first anymore so planning a draft to stay competitive while also planning for the future was the focus this season. I would never touch a rookie this early normally and that tells you how far off the top I have fallen. With that said... Collins has a fantasy friendly game and if the Hawks no what is good for them, they will unleash him early rather than later.

    5.4 Lilstinkylynx [Acquired Via Trade] - Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

    Mr. Every fantasy team wanted a piece of him last season only to be disappointed. Drafted him more for positional need and upside. Didn't have a back SF yet and didn't want to take two rookies back to back. Rondae did show some flashes playing at the 4 and all the buzz is that he will start there. Obviously Brooklyn wants to see if they have something here in this kid so I'm guessing he gets good run. Plus... he is one of their best defenders. Negative... can't shoot for ish...
    Damn... drafting horrible shooters left and right. Sigh

    5.5 Tonym - Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

    Man did he get paid. And man did he land in a great spot to do well and get paid again. I'm not sure how I feel about Pope since I feel about him how I felt about Porter last season and then look at what happened.

    "2.12 Baller7037 - Otto Porter

    I know people seem to love Otto and his opportunity but tbh, this is a meh pick for me. I'm betting against any real growth and any chance he ends up a keeper. Felt other guys should have been drafted ahead of him but I'd like to say I think @baller7037 has made some great picks this season. Baller just really needs to hopefully consolidate his assets, build a team strategy (team for that matter... 10 PGs!!!), and try to compete for once. Being bottom of the barrel season in and season out must be taxing."

    5.6 Ddomrow - Reggie Jackson

    Bounce back season in the works? It all depends on health but at this late in the draft and filling up the final spot of your 10 man starting roster to gain a guy who can drop 8+ dimes seems like a no brainer. Risk and reward!!!

    5.7 DaRuhl - Dirk Nowitzki

    Ahhhh... say good bye to Dirk after this season. It will be sad but like my Fave player of all time Kobe... sometimes you really need to know when to say goodbye. PLenty of games will be missed due to rest and injury. Since athleticism was never his thing... Dirks game can still be helpful and should be helpful when he plays, but this roster is changing and his slow butt just doesn't belong anymore but the team will do right on him and let him shine one last time. Not loving the pick but can't hate on it either.

    5.8 Phil O'Pastry - Bogdan Bogdanovic

    Mr. Upside (I'm talking about you @Phil_OPastry and not Bogdan). Your eye for talent is superb. I think that is enough for Bogdan. Oh... he plays on Sacramento... they are trash so if you are semi decent... you will shine. BTW... Bogdan and Mirotic... if they both play like they should... you be making bank on those picks and would vault immensely to competing with Super Teams @dasein and @bricks

    5.9 Bricks - Michael Kidd Gilchrist

    Another good pick... boring pick but good. MKG does all the fantasy friendly things you want especially when your team is filled with stars. He is that glue guy that brings your team together and rounds it out. Lowers your TO a grip while not hurting you anywhere. Bricks already has a massive plus in points so adding MKG is pure genius. Damn you!!!

    5.10 Tonym [Acquired Via Trade] - Terrence Ross

    Ahhhh... kid was on fire toward the end. 2 3's and 1.4 steals this late is pure yumminess. Small sample size though so not sure if he keeps it up considering he has always had consistency issues.

    5.11 Naveen [Acquired Via Trade] - Dwayne Wade

    Buy-out is a preordained thing. Still can be impactful but where does he land and how much does he play. On a contender I can see him resting a lot and he isn't going to a team who isn't a contender.

    5.12 Dasein - Pau Gasol

    Repeat of last season. Not much else to write. Slow and steady is all @dasein needs to repeat and all of his picks so far have been of that variety.

  • Re: 2017 - 2018 Draft Discussion

    4th round Thoughts

    4.1 Dasein - Markieff Morris

    At this point we know what Kieff brings and it isn't going to change. The team is basically the same team so it means he will be looking at doing what he did last season again. Posted 76 Per Game Value and 63 Total Game value based on BBM last season. Seeing that this is pick 97. Solid value and little risk. Seems like the right kind of pick for a team that just needs players to do waht they do since @dasein core is so over the top better than most of the league at this point.

    4.2 Wesbaedke [Acquired Via Trade] - Rodney Hood

    There was a lot of hype going in last season regarding Hood and that all kind of got derailed due to injury. Hayward is now gone and kid has been mentioned by management as likely taking that big leap this season. Hasn't been the greatest of shooter percentage wise so we all have to wonder what a higher usage rate will do there. That said... he will be given every opportunity to succeed so its on him. Per game value for 2015-2016 breakout was 96 so this seems like a good spot as any to take a flier on him.

    4.3 Jasonuoft - Taurean Prince

    Ahhhh... Mini Kawhi without the offensive game. He did show some offensive prowess during the playoffs but does that carry over? Does a little bit of all those things you want with a real life player but how does that translate to fantasy??? Again... he is the only player not named Schroeder who is assured minutes galore so he will have a chance to go buck wild based on playtime alone. Great steals guy and @jasonuoft just has to hope that the increased role doesn't cause him to run out of gas on the defensive end which is where he really shines and gets his fantasy value.

    4.4 Bricks - Julius Randle

    I'm very torn with this pick since I'm a Laker fan and really want to see him excel for the sake of my team. I know they are trying to MOLD him into Draymond but that just isn't his game... especially on the defensive end and that means he will be traded when it is all said and done or let go. But that has no fantasy impact so lets talk fantasy. He is a three cat guy and I don't see that changing. Does he fit @bricks needs... not really but maybe he knows something I don't. Can he take that leap this season... yes... but like I said... it will have to happen on the defensive end and it just isn't who he is.

    4.5 Phil O'Pastry - Seth Curry

    Ahhhh... efficicency. Seems like that is what @Phil_OPastry has predicated for this draft this season. Kid can shoot and he does it in a manner that doesn't hurt you. Will he be doing what he was doing during a stretch where he was putting on top 20 value... No... I don't think so. Can he put out top 50 value... I see that as a possibility. MOre than likely though... he'll be in the 60-80 range and that makes this a solid pick. @Phil_OPastry issue is that you are only allowed to accumulate stats for 10 players. So having depth won't do any good. Assets is always nice and Curry definitely is an asset I would want to have.

    4.6 DaRuhl - Rajon Rondo

    See Jrue analysis from before and that pretty much covers it. Also... rondo does what he does and that isn't changing so not much to add after all these years.

    4.7 Ddomrow - Josh Jackson

    Hmmmmm... potential galore. Will he be any good this season... Don't see it happening. He is still too raw, but we are in a Keeper league and getting him in the 4th is a steal IMO.

    4.8 Tonym - Joe Ingles

    Damn you for stealing my man crush #2. I was so close I tell you. How could you do what @jasonuoft did and swipe him just right before I had my chacne to have my happy moment. More opportunity and doesn't hurt you anywhere. Those 3's, steals and assists will be extremely valuable when it is all said and done. No flash but fantasy isn't about the flash.

    4.9 Wesbaedke - Ryan Anderson

    Gamble pick here. Is Carmelo going to be moved and is Ryan going to be that piece that can be sent back. With that said... Ryan was suppose to be in an extremely good system and have a major chance to produce and still only finished in the 90-100 range in value. Will moving to NY and a depleted team up his value... Maybe... but it should be tempered. We won't be seeing that elite top 20 Ryno anytime soon.

    4.10 Lilstinkylynx [Acquired Via Wager] - Dewayne Dedmon

    Early... Yeah... HUge opportunity to crush this draft position... Yup. Dedmon is an efficient big. NOt much of an offensive game to speak of but he doesn't miss and that is always helpful. What he does with his opportunity is what matters. ATL is really that bad... and if he crushes it... then he will be gettign paid since he has a plyer option. Betting on him wanting to get paid and just being the beast we saw he could be during his limited time in San Antonio. I need some breakouts to have any chance of climbing into the top 5 so most of my picks have been consistent with that train of thought and this pick was no different.

    4.11 Naveen - Ersan Ilyasova

    He's temp guy holding a position for a guy I drafted in John Collins. Can he produce numbers... yup. But will he be doing taht all season. Nope... At somepoint, ATL will embrace a total rebuild and the young guns will be given a chance to shine. Think Taureen at the end of the season when he was given minutes galore.

    4.12 TekOpp - Steven Adams

    Man... was Stevens on a tear early last season but we all know the law of averages. He came back to earth and some. As long as we know his limits then no qualms about this pick.

  • Re: 2017 - 2018 Draft Discussion

    3rd Round Thoughts

    3.1 TekOpp - James Johnson

    I have no doubt he starts. I also have no doubt that he is the only one who can do what he did last season on this team. But they added a few pieces and players are healthy. His time will drop and with that so does production. Luckily, he produces in the limited time he does play.

    3.2 Naveen - Dwight Howard

    Head scratcher here. Yes... he still doubles doubles and that trend should continue. But he kills you in one cat still and the decline is on. H2H this would make sense but in ROTO... I don't think it makes any sense - Especially for a team that didn't have a major FT drag yet.

    3.3 Baller7037 - Willie Cauley-Stein

    He will get playing time. He will produce. But god damn... he just ain't that good in real life. Won't that eventually catch up with him.

    3.4 Wesbaedke - George Hill

    Mentorship role. Will still produce. But never stays on the court enough to be worth the trouble. If he does happen to not get injured... its a great pick. No qualms even if he does get injured since it is still a quality pick... but man will it be frustrating.

    3.5 TekOpp [Acquired Via Trade] - Trevor Ariza

    2 great passers on a team now. Great spot up shooter... Money in the bank there. I am in the never draft Ariza club but we all have our biases.

    3.6 Jasonuoft [Acquired Via Trade] - Tim Hardaway Jr.

    Ahhh... to reiterate @Phil_OPastry and his thoughts... do the Knicks ever give out a good contract to a player that is actually worth it. He is in no way worth 17. But does that matter for fantasy... Nope.

    3.7 DaRuhl - Malcolm Brogdon

    Safe and steady selection. Not much to get excited about. Do I see massive improvements?... Nah. But minor improvements will help regardless.

    3.8 Phil O'Pastry - Nikola Mirotic

    Boy ain't signed... Why is he not signed?!!! Team needs him... the team is that bad....

    3.9 Bricks - Willy Hernangomez

    My 3rd man crush this fantasy season. He is the undisputed starter. Just not sure that means massive minutes. He is in NY after all... things get all messed up there. A center that doesn't block though... sigh... it's the new trend.

    3.10 Jasonuoft - Jonas Valanciunas

    Why can't this kid get minutes. He really isn't that bad. Plus... running ISOs all the tie for Lowry and DeRozan have not worked out well come playoff time. Let the kid loose already. Not sure that will happen. Basically that puts him in safe zone with no upside unless the coach changes.

    3.11 Jasonuoft [Acquired Via Wager] - Josh Richardson

    Man Crush #1 and by a long shot. Damn you!!! I really didn't have many targets this season but this was one of them and one that I was sure would land on my team. He is so sexy when he plays and is not injured. I need to stop talking... Crushing on him while not having him hurts... It hurts I tell you!!!

    3.12 Dasein - Thaddeus Young

    For a team already stacked with efficiency Thad makes a lot of sense. His production has been steady. He can't shoot a FT for ish but he doesn't shoot them anyways. His FG% is solid... and he steals. Plus... there is still upside on a shitty team... Just don't ruin my Myles breakout or I will be real upset... I mean more upset than losing Josh Richardson... Damn my man crush pains...

  • Re: 2017 - 2018 Draft Discussion

    2nd Round Thoughts

    2.1 Dasein - Jrue Holiday

    I don't actually think Rondo hurts him really. I feel like Rondo is great at setting up people (It really is the only thing he is good at...). Jrue should benefit overall. Sure some stats will drop but I see overall value staying the same and at pick #73... where is the downside?

    2.2 DaRuhl [Acquired Via Wager] - TJ Warren

    Ahhh... If you are taking TJ then you better have 3's covered in some way since he is slim to none in that department. Not sure whether Gasol continues hitting at that great clip but if he does then this pick makes sense.

    2.3 Jasonuoft - Andrew Wiggins

    Agreed with @Phil_OPastry about his lack of anything but scoring. He isn't efficient at scoring either. Hopefully that all changes. If it doesn't, points are pretty scarce and he still has room to grow.

    2.4 Bricks - Gorgui Dieng

    Boring and fantasy steady. His value is really all dependent upon how minutes he plays since he produces with playtime.

    2.5 Phil O'Pastry - Derrick Favors

    Huge Upside??? Hell Yes. Risky... Way to risky for my blood. Would have waited a round at least but then again, others probably would have swiped him.

    2.6 DaRuhl - Carmelo Anthony

    Scorers going off the board like hotcakes. But when will he play and where?

    2.7 Ddomrow - Dario Saric

    Not a fan of this pick. Not saying kid can't play but I feel with all the new players being inserted... how much will he be playing?

    2.8 Tonym - Andre Drummond

    I like this pick. Having DeAndre means you're already hurting in FTs so why fight it. Maximize player value and PUNT a cat already.

    2.9 Wesbaedke - Zach LaVine

    When he plays... he'll be monster. I wouldn't be willing to wait since I am always in win now mode, but he could become a great Keeper.

    2.10 Baller7037 - Avery Bradley

    I was debating heavily between Bradley and Lin. I hadn't really made up my mind on who I would take but Baller made this easy on me. Did Baller just swipe a player from me??? What is the world coming to.

    2.11 Lilstinkylynx [Acquired Via Trade] - Jeremy Lin

    When Lin played, he was great. End of season... played great. I like that trend. Does Russel worry me. Not really. Lin likes to slash and is a great 3pt shooter. Russel being a good shooter opens lanes for Lin to do what he does best. When Russel does decide to drive then Lin will be there to hit that open shot. Having better players on a horrible team can only help all the players around right???

    2.12 Jasonuoft [Acquired Via Trade] - Marquese Chriss

    Ahhh... kid is nuts. But someone very smart told me that you don't need to be sane to produce fantasy numbers. He will get every chance this season to do just that.

  • Re: 2017 - 2018 Draft Discussion

    @Phil_OPastry said:
    How long is the clock between picks??

    24 hours. Again managers are encouraged not to use the entire time and to plan accordingly. If you are busy and may be out of pocket, feel free to message myself or @wesbaedke your list rankings of a few players and we stay active enough to make the pick for you and keep our draft going. At the rate we are going we should finish in time but the sooner we finish the more time it would give me nd @wesbaedke to enter rosters.