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  • Re: 2017 - 2018 Draft Thread

    7.10 Jonathan Isaac (mini Garnett, Bosh, Turner)
    @tonym otc

  • Re: 2017 - 2018 Draft Discussion

    1.1 TekOpp - Lonzo Ball -- choice of consensus, very high floor with fantasy friendly skill set, may not have as high ceiling as DSJ and Fultz in the long term
    1.2 Naveen - Markelle Fultz -- probably best talent among rookies, but not as good situation as Ball or DSJ this year
    1.3 Baller7037 - Nicolas Batum -- Swiss Army knife, FG% dragger, overall stats dropping past prime
    1.4 Wesbaedke - Nikola Vucevic -- FG% and FT% dropped last year, so much more valuable if the % go back up, but the talk of more 3s probably doesn't help
    1.5 Phil O'Pastry [Acquired Via Trade] - Robert Covington -- 1/1/1 monster, FG% looks bad but affect value less than it seems because of low volumn
    1.6 Ddomrow - Jayson Tatum -- worst situation amongst top rookies for now, the departure of Crowder accelerates his development, Morris not big roadblock for major minutes
    1.7 Lilstinkylnx [Acquired Via Wager] - Aaron Gordon -- top 30 potential short term, top 12 potential long term? First healthy year entering season, hope only play 4 not 3
    1.8 Phil O'Pastry - Dennis Smith Jr. -- most exciting rookie this year, hype should be legit, however almost no rookie ever produced top 60 value in the first season
    1.9 Bricks - LaMarcus Aldridge -- boring as hell but great fit for brick's team, if this continues bricks should easily win the season as his keepers are leaps and bounds better than the rest
    1.10 Jasonuoft - Dennis Schroder -- inefficient, but I was too tempted by this 24old alpha dog for the aweful Hawks, a guy of his speed should find a way to get 1.5 steals, his% are actually better than perception, 44%/85%/1.4/24/4/7/1.2/0.3/3.6?
    1.11 Baller7037 [Acquired Via Trade] - Harrison Barnes -- huge improvement last year, efficient high volume scorer, can he improve on defensive stats?
    1.12 Phil O'Pastry [Acquired Via Trade] - Tobias Harris -- very roto friendly stats, so much talent not fully realized yet, SVG's rotation kills fantasy value

    I think there were no bad picks in the first round.

  • Re: General Discussion

    @lilstinkylynx I more or less agree with your evaluation of the KEEPERS. Strength of keeper core is probably only 1/3 of championship, 1/3 is a good draft to round out the team, the other 1/3 comes from brave quality trade to address your teams needs. Case in point was dasein's trade last year giving up 1st round pick this year for Klay, which was just perfect for his team. That sealed the deal. Kudos to dasein. Before that it was a four teams race to the end.
    Don't give up even if don't have the best keeper core. This year is setting up to be a very competitive year as a few lesser keeper core teams have draft picks advantage (@Phil_OPastry 3 first round picks!), and also of course @lilstinkylynx big challenge for himself. I predict a tight 5 team race all the way to the end.
    Let's get the draft started!

  • Re: Trades/Wagers

    Confirmed, let me pull a Phil ?

  • Re: 2015 - 2016 Draft Discussion

    That's how things go bro, if you like someone you gotta reach. Nothing falls to your lap with sharks around LOL