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  • Re: 2015/16 Discussion

    No, that's one of the rules that is different in this one. Personally, I think the way it's done in capologist is better.

  • Re: 2016 - 2017 Draft Discussion

    Eh. I don't remember any of that

  • Re: 2016 - 2017 Draft Discussion

    A lot of shad got thrown my way in trade discussions regarding the value of Valanciunas and Vucevic. And yet here we are half way through the first round and they are both gone. ;)

  • Re: 2016 - 2017 Draft Discussion

    Nice catch on the efficiency thing. My team was very efficient last year, but that didn't translate into roto points because a number of teams did not max out their games played. Consequently I thought if anyone is in a position to absorb Boogie's bad in exchange for his good it would be me. Phil kind of needed to go in the opposite direction so I think it worked out well for us both.

  • Re: General Discussion

    In another keeper league I'm in- that used to have the same keeper system as here- we recently moved to having a "price" for each keeper. So each year everyone gets a "pick" for every roster spot (like a redraft) and every keeper costs you one pick. You can choose to keep the maximum number of keepers, but you don't have to. We've found that this has been a change for the better as it increases competitive balance by making it easier for teams with crappy rosters to improve quickly.

    Wondering if this might be a good idea for this league. Basically, you could choose to keep 5 players, in which case your 1st pick would be in round 6 the same as it is now. Or you could choose to only keep 4 (or less), and have your first pick in round 5 (or higher)- before the guys who keep 5 players. Make sense?

    Generally, I think keeper leagues work best when there is some form of cost for keeping a player. Just putting this out there.