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Hey bud, better to discuss via private message than public wall. I sent you a note... -DR


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  • Re: 2017 - 2018 Draft Thread

    I think the prior pick was 8.05

    8.06 PJ Tucker


  • Re: 2017 - 2018 Draft Thread

    3.7 Malcolm Brogdon PG Bucks


  • Re: 2017 - 2018 Draft Discussion

    First round (my thoughts):

    Lonzo Ball - Strong choice, Top 100 rookie year (maybe top 50?) with big upside.
    Markelle Fultz - Logical pick, but I'm not that sold on him. I'm probably wrong though.
    Nicolas Batum - Don't like this one - think there are better established players and good upside players.
    Nikola Vucevic - No upside, but among the top of the value players list. Should be solid.
    Robert Covington - Good established value with some upside. Like this pick.
    Jayson Tatum - Maybe, not sold on this one. We'll see. Logical though.
    Aaron Gordon - I was gonna hate on this, but actually like it. Solid after Ibaka trade and still only 22.
    Dennis Smith - I like this. I'm pretty high on him for the long term.
    LaMarcus Aldridge - Solid pick at this spot. Not much upside but established production.
    Dennis Schroder - I'm not convinced on him. Obviously could have upside but I think overhyped/rated.
    Harrison Barnes - Very surprising to me, not a pick I would have made here. Maybe he makes a leap this year?
    Tobias Harris - A good pick here. Could have been a 5th keeper on some teams.

    Just my 2c!


  • Re: 2017 Check-In Thread

    Didn't realize you're in Houston, hope everything's ok!!

  • Re: 2016-2017 rules discussion

    For next season, I'd like to propose we consider whether you should be able to buyout a 2nd round pick in-season using just the cost of their current season (i.e. assuming the future TO years are not guaranteed).

    Admittedly, we'd have to think about consistency issues with other types of contracts.

    But, right now, it's a better deal to cut my 2nd rounder before the season and sign someone on a 0.5 or 0.5 / 0.5 contract than it is to gamble on my 2nd rounder b/c they are more expensive to buyout. This feels like a bit lame and another reason why 2nd rounders are pretty much worthless.