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2/3rds into first month...fantasy hoops redraft?

PhilPartingtonPhilPartington Member Posts: 149

Knowing what you know now, what would your top ten draft rankings look like? How does your new list differ from your pre-season list?


  • PhilPartingtonPhilPartington Member Posts: 149

    Figured I'd start :expressionless:

    I'm basing this off 9 stat cat roto.

    My list now:

    1. Anthony Davis
    2. Stephen Curry
    3. LeBron James (I still think he'll carry more of the load once they figure things out a little more)
    4. Chris Paul
    5. James Harden
    6. Damian Lillard (even after a crappy start, he's currently ranked 4th by per game value, and he has a history of not missing games)
    7. LaMarcus Aldridge (still top 15 despite being hurt and not hitting his stride with rebounds)
    8. Klay Thompson (I put him here tentatively. It looks like he'll be top 20, but I'm still hesitant to think he'll finish top ten, mostly because his fantasy production is purely linked to treys and scoring. If he can keep up his 6 foul shot attempts per, he has a good shot.
    9. Kawhi Leonard (slow start, but figuring things out. In roto, he's a nice commodity with his steals)
    10. Kyrie Irving (I still think he'll come down to earth once Love and James better define their roles. He also doesn't have the greatest track record with injuries).

    From my prior list, I'm shocked Ibaka hasn't done better. It seems he needs Durant and Westy more than anyone. Al Jefferson doesn't surprise me, though. I figured Stephenson would steal boards from him. Blake Griffin was never high on my list. He has FT% issues and doesn't get enough stats to give him a top ten ceiling. And while I thought Melo would struggle with the triangle offense, he's been flat out awful (til the last couple games). Cousins was never in my top ten radar, though to be honest he's doing better than I thought he would.

    I think Wall will pick it up later in the season.

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