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My two teams

PinotMoltisantiPinotMoltisanti Member Posts: 22

Big Batums: 10-Team H2H daily standard scoring (yes TOs). 5 Bench spots. Yearly.

Mike Conley Mem - PG
James Harden Hou - SG,SF
Jeremy Lin LAL - PG,SG
Andre Iguodala GS - SG,SF
Al Horford Atl - PF,C
Nicolas Batum Por - SG,SF
Derrick Favors Uta - PF,C
Andrew Bogut GS - C
Josh Smith Det - SF,PF
Greg Monroe Det - PF,C

Manu Ginobili SA - SG,SF
Anderson Varejao Cle - PF,C
Henry Sims Phi - C
Norris Cole Mia - PG

Kevin Durant OKC - SF,PF

I feel like my team is a bit "rotoriffic". I'm handcuffing Monroe and Smith. I'm hoping Ginobili and Iggy serve as adequate fill-ins for Kount Durantula. Hopefully, it turns out I have enough viable players to tailor my roster to my opponent. I'd like to have a bit more ability to get blocks, but I'm not sure what my weaknesses really are. Whaddayu think?

From Beneah JaVale: 10-Team H2H daily. Deep teams, equivalent to a 14-team league (drafted player pool of 180). 5 Bench spots. 4 Keepers. Standard scoring plus(!) FGM, FTM and Double Doubles.

Kyrie Irving Cle - PG,SG
James Harden Hou - SG,SF
Kyle Lowry Tor - PG
Mike Conley Mem - PG
Andrew Wiggins Min - SF
Paul Millsap Atl - PF,C
David Lee GS - PF,C
Amir Johnson Tor - PF,C
Robin Lopez Por - C
Andrew Bogut GS - C
J.R. Smith NY - SG,SF
Manu Ginobili SA - SG,SF
C.J. Miles Ind - SG,SF

Henry Sims Phi - C
JaVale McGee Den - C
Tristan Thompson Cle - PF,C
Avery Bradley Bos - PG,SG
Mo Williams Min - PG,SG

I joined this one at the last minute for fun, wasn't aware of the funny scoring system. There are a couple experienced managers from 2000 on, who have won a lot lately. They did a better job of drafting Double Double, FGM, FTA, Zach Randolph-type guys.


P. Tucker Pho - SG,SF - M. Williams Cha - SF,PF
C. Brewer Min - SG,SF - B. McLemore Sac - SG
D. Sloan Ind - PG,SG - K. Caldwell-Pope Det - SG
S. Adams OKC - C - T. Hardaway Jr. NY - SG
R. Felton Dal - PG,SG - H. Thompson Phi - SF,PF
M. Morris Pho - SF,PF - K. Singler Det - SG,SF


  • silentjimsilentjim Member, Moderator, Commish - Bonanza Keeper League, Commish - Salary Cap League, League - Battle of the Sports Forums Posts: 552 mod

    I wouldn't call your first team rotoriffic. I like the handcuff of Smith and Monroe, but I think Monroe is going to excel in SVG's system in Detroit. He's a much better low post scorer than Drummond, who's too dependent on put backs and dunks IMO. Since you've got a mix of good FT% and some bad, I'd sell Josh Smith to a FT% tanking team while the getting is good.

    The second team for sure you need to move a guard for some help in other areas. Or at least scour the free agent pool for some upgrades over Bradley or Mo Williams as far as wings and bigs go. I'd rather have Steven Adams over Bradly and Mo.

    Overall both pretty good teams. Just need some minor tweaking IMO, but you might let things play out a bit first anyway.

  • PinotMoltisantiPinotMoltisanti Member Posts: 22

    I'm high on Monroe myself. What a game tonight.

    It looks like I should punt Pts and 3s.

    I wonder who a good target would be. Steals, FT%, Rebs, Blocks, hmm.

    In the second league I want to punt FGM, FTM, PTS,

    It's pretty hard to project how this team will pan out due to 13 daily starting spots. Depth and bench/start skill will be important.

    I have high hopes for JaVale and my overall PF/Cs, but I probably will need a bench guy like Adams when the inevitable injury happens to Bogut.

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