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Was picking Kevin Durant with my 1st Pick a Good or Bad Choice? Please Vote!!

Keep in mind that my league is a "NO PLAYOFF" format H2H standard 9 cat
we play PG, SG, SF, PF, C, 3 utilities and 4 bench

  1. (9) Kevin Durant(OKC - SF,PF)
  2. (12) Blake Griffin(LAC - PF,C)
  3. (29) Ty Lawson(Den - PG)
  4. (32) Joakim Noah(Chi - PF,C)
  5. (49) Rajon Rondo(Bos - PG)
  6. (52) DeMar DeRozan(Tor - SG,SF)
  7. (69) Kenneth Faried(Den - PF)
  8. (72) Brandon Jennings(Det - PG)
  9. (89) Luol Deng(Mia - SF,PF)
  10. (92) Darren Collison(Sac - PG)
  11. (109) Jordan Hill(LAL - PF,C)
  12. Olynk


  • TheThrillTheThrill Member, League - Bonanza Keeper League Posts: 267

    I'm not sure it's really a matter of whether Durant was a good or bad pick. Picking Durant in the 9th is fine IMO. But you've drafted a great FT shooter (Durant and a few others) and combined them with really poor FT shooters (Griffin, Rondo and a few others). If you were attempting a balanced strategy, then you're fine. But usually a balanced approach is more fitting in Roto leagues. Generally speaking, in H2H, many managers attempt to punt one or two categories and be really strong in several categories (and punting FG% or FT% is often one of them). That said, I'm not saying you have to punt a category. Anyway, if we're only focused on KD for this discussion, then I vote that it was a good choice to draft KD 9th. B)

  • RedhopefulRedhopeful Member, Moderator, League - Bonanza Keeper League, League - Battle of the Sports Forums Posts: 182 mod

    I dislike Rondo being drafting that early, regardless of whether he is currently injured or not.

    Durant is passable, but considering your league settings + already drafting Rondo, it's going to hurt.

  • jkimjkim Member Posts: 45
    edited October 2014

    i got an offer of irving and marc gasol for rondo and blake.. would this be a good deal for me?

    i was thinking of countering with the same trade but throw in demar derozan for batum

    so it would be



    which side is better for my team?

    keep in mind its "no playoffs" format

  • TheThrillTheThrill Member, League - Bonanza Keeper League Posts: 267

    Receiving Irving and Gasol for Griffin and Rondo sounds like a really good deal to me. Much better fit for your team, too. Not sure I'd push it further to try to get Batum. I think you'd be risking losing out on a good offer currently in hand.

  • jkimjkim Member Posts: 45
    edited October 2014

    are you sure the 2 for 2 deal is better for my team?

    there was another guy in this forum who recommended "NOOOO" to the orginal 2 for 2 deal.....

  • bjamesgalibjamesgali Member Posts: 217

    Griffin is the better player. IMO I don't think you should sacrifice arguably a top 10 player to balance your team.

  • RedhopefulRedhopeful Member, Moderator, League - Bonanza Keeper League, League - Battle of the Sports Forums Posts: 182 mod

    I agree with Thrill that the first offer is a good one, but if you want to push your odds, go ahead and amend the deal to include said players. If he says no, hopefully he'll still be amiable to the original deal.

  • jkimjkim Member Posts: 45

    ok ill take that deal. but at the same time someone else offered me klay for noah. should i take this or would i be losing more than gaining??

  • jkimjkim Member Posts: 45

    so i ended up taking both deals... i got irving and m.gasol for blake and rondo. and i got klay for noah.... i hope i made a good choice.. if not, i figure i can always trade someone like derozan or someone else for a big later..... thoughts???

  • deadshot11deadshot11 Member Posts: 19

    I'd assume the person who wanted Blake/Rondo was already punting FT. I think it's a fine deal as I think MGasol is underrated this year.

  • jkimjkim Member Posts: 45

    Thanks. I'wondering how good Deng will be. Wondering if I should drop him for ask or mozgov...... Thoughts?

    Just traded and lost grfiffin. Rondo and Noah. But got Irving. Marc gasoline and klay......
    My teams is decent in rebs but weak in blks. Thinking of ounting blks and just trying to improve rebs... Unless deng is worth holding onto. I also offered deng for sanders... Thoughts??

  • jchappy23jchappy23 Member Posts: 16

    May be a longshot, but im one of the few who is expecting a good year from deng

  • jkimjkim Member Posts: 45

    Yeh. Dang might play well. But wondering if someone like ask would help purely for rebs?

  • PinotMoltisantiPinotMoltisanti Member Posts: 22
    edited November 2014

    In 12 team H2H Durant has to still be at least the #3 guy. Dogpaddle until he comes back, be the hot team entering the playoffs. If it's a deep league I'd put him behind Harden.


  • jkimjkim Member Posts: 45

    No playoff league

  • PhilPartingtonPhilPartington Member Posts: 149

    I'd say 9th is an OK spot to take Durant. I think he's more like 15-20, but in H2H that rank bumps up a bit. One thing to keep in mind, in 9 stat cat leagues, Chris Paul--also one of the very top tier fantasy producers--managed to finish 11th by totals in last year's Yahoo rankings. That's while he missed 20 games. I suspect Durant may miss a little more than 20, to be honest, even though this injury should only put him out 17 or so. By that assessment, I still say 15-20, but I can't fault you in H2H for picking him 9th.

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