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Rate My Team - Will Rate Back

mdub24mdub24 Member Posts: 6

I'm in a 10 team weekly H2H league. Categories are FGM, FTM, 3pts, Pts, OREB, REB, AST, STL, BLK and TO. How did I do?

Thanks for the help.

PG Lawson
SG Batum
G Jrue Holiday
SF Deng
PF Cousins
F Ibaka
C Vucevic
C Valanciunus
UTIL Carter-Williams
UTIL Vucevic
Bench Jordan Hill
Bench Payton
Bench Antetokoumpo
Bench KJ McDaniels


  • PhilPartingtonPhilPartington Member Posts: 149

    I've never been a fan of the double-dipping in rebounds stat cat league, but you kind of did the smart thing and loaded up on bigs with that being the case.

    You listed Vucevic twice. DId you mean to have someone else in there? I'm really not a big MCW fan. People think he did well in fantasy last year, but his 40% from the field, 70% from the line at 5.2 attempts per and 3.5 turnovers don't justify the things he does well. That said, Philly has nothing, so depending on how late you got him it isn't a bad flier to take.

    I'm not an Elfrid Payton fan for similar reasons. To me, any production you get from him will be fool's gold.

    Love the McDaniel's pick, and Antetokounmpo is a stash and see pick that I like. I think it'll take them a while to figure things out, but once they do he'll likely play a role in some way.

    I'm high on Ibaka and Vucevic this year.

    Watch your steals. Those on your team that get them are injury proned.

  • PhillyPhilly Member Posts: 14

    Not bad but probably have better teams in the 10 team format. I like your guards with Lawson, Jrue and MCW. Really strong on your bigs but I have to wonder how well the team will score overall. Never been the biggest fan of Batum or Deng. But you probably got Deng in the middle to late rounds so it's solid. Maybe you can package a Batum and a big for a more elite talent at SG or SF?


  • PhilPartingtonPhilPartington Member Posts: 149

    @Philly is right about scoring, other than Cousins. I am a Batum fan, but sometimes I think people get a little crazy with him, too. He's a 30-40 value in my mind, and the fantasy depth on that Blazers team limits his upside, I think.

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