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Feedback on roster pleaes!

Okay, so my league is 10 teams, H2H 9 cats

PG - T. Lawson, J. Calderon, J. Lin
SG - K. Thompson, M. Ellis
SF - W. Matthews, L. Deng, A. Iguadola
PF - D. Cousins, B. Griffin
C - G. Monroe, J. Hill, A. Varejao

I'm obviously punting blocks and probably TOs... is there anything I should try to strengthen? Most of my players had stinkers on opening day so I'm trying to avoid making poor impulsive dropping decisions(my waiver wire has MKG, Asik, Teletovic, Ginobli and N. Cole). Thanks in advance for any feedback!


  • PhilPartingtonPhilPartington Member Posts: 149

    You may be thin in steals, though Ellis and Lawson could be OK there. To me, Lawson's a minor injury concern after last season.

    You have a number of guys I'm not all that fond of in fantasy, but you did a great job finding balance. If you wanted to play the wire, Varejao might be the one to move. He will get hurt at some point--Teletovic's a nice find and MKG had a strong first game. Asik was a beast, but you have to stomach awful FT%. Ginobili I don't trust--his minutes will decrease when Leonard returns. THey'll handle him with kid gloves, and Norris Cole has never been consistent.

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