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Feedback on my team

PhilPartingtonPhilPartington Member Posts: 149

I'm not a fan of these kinds of posts. Too often folks leave out all the meat of it, the context, the how many teams are in the league, what's the format, etc. And then it's still hard to say because much of it depends on what the other teams look like and the culture of the league (is it a trade-heavy league, or are people mostly conservative? Does one team like to hoard a category, making it possible to get in the top two or three of that category without investing too much?...stuff like that).

But what the hell? Here's my team. 10-team, 9 stat cat (standard w/ TOs) roto league. This is our 16th season believe it or not. I had the 6th pick and the roster spots to fill are C, two generic Fs, a PG and a generic G, four Utility

FC. Nikola Vucevic
C. Derrick Favors
C. Tyson Chandler
FC. LaMarcus Aldridge
F. Thaddeus Young
F. Ryan Anderson
F. Draymond Green
F. Mirza Teletovic
PG. Russell Westbrook
PG. Kyle Lowry
PG. Eric Bledsoe
G. Kyle Korver
G. J.J. Redick

I'm hoping Favors and Vucevic can have an uptick in blocks to solidify me there. One or two teams in this league love to hoard blocks, which I always think is great because it means I can usually be competitive for third or fourth in that stat cat without investing too much on one or two specialists. That way I can focus on more competitive categories.



  • TheThrillTheThrill Member, League - Bonanza Keeper League Posts: 267

    Nice team! .....but Mirza Teletovic. :p I kid of course (I realize he had top 100 value on a per 36 basis last season and should get more minutes this season). Seems like a good mix across the board for a roto team.

  • bjamesgalibjamesgali Member Posts: 217

    Nice draft. Have yet to see a more balanced team on here til this one.

  • PhilPartingtonPhilPartington Member Posts: 149

    @The Thrill I like Teletovic a lot actually, though it remains to be seen if he'll produce right out of the gates. Sometimes when roles are in question like that it takes a while for the cream to rise to the top. Also, I'm not sure I really need treys so bad, but I want to see what he does before doing anything. Our league has a max of 50 moves on the season, and one mistake some make is to jump on all the hot players after the first day or two. If you wait a week or so, the competition for free agents tends to subside a bit and many of those hot players often fizzle quickly :P.

    Thanks @bjamesgal. It's a tough league. There are a few teams I'm nervous about, but it will be fun. Injuries are always a factor, but I think I found some nice value picks in Bledsoe with like the 75th pick and Young with like the 55th pick or something like that. Always love it when that happens.

  • bjamesgalibjamesgali Member Posts: 217

    Bledsoe 75th?! Young 55th? Yea those are steals! Plus they fit well on your team, so nice work!

  • PhilPartingtonPhilPartington Member Posts: 149
    edited October 2014

    @bjamesgali‌ Yeah, I was kind of embarrassed actually, because really this IS a competitive league. I've been commissioner since it started, so for those guys to be there...was shocked. We do have a couple new managers, so...we'll see.

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