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KingsfanKingsfan Member Posts: 47

12 team standard 9 cat yahoo league with daily transactions

PG - KWalker (PG)
SG - JLin (PG, SG)
G - KThompson (SG, SF)
SF - KLeonard (SG, SF)
PF - DCousins (PF, C)
F - AWiggins (SF)
C - Markieff Morris (PF, C)
C - TMozgov (C)
U - RJackson (PG, SG)
U - JTeague (PG)
BN - KOlynyk (C)
BN - KMcDaniels (SF)
BN - OPorter (SF)


  • NumberCruncherNumberCruncher Member Posts: 80
    edited October 2014

    Is this H2H or Roto? Do you have 2 center spots on your roster? Either way, I like the players on your squad - You made good picks throughout the draft. Other than the rookies that you grabbed late, you've got a good group of proven players who still have upside and minimal injury history. I'd probably look to trade one your SG/SF's for a big man but you should be a contender with this team.

  • KingsfanKingsfan Member Posts: 47
    edited October 2014

    Thanks. It is roto and there are 2 center spots
    i feel like i am missing blks which is why i grabbed mcdaniels late. i wanted favors but just missed out on him. LSanders went right before me so opted for olynyk and mozgov. I think i would love to package Porter and someone for a big man.

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