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Rank my roster: 16 team H2H points league. Any advice?

bjamesgalibjamesgali Member Posts: 217

I go the 9th pick in a 16 team league, standard (yahoo) scoring:

In order:
Love(PF), Batum(SF), Hayward(SG), Stephenson(SG), Jennings(PG), Knight(PG), Dieng(C), T.Chandler(C), Jameer(PG), OPJ(SF), KCP(SG), Randle(PF), Mason PLum(PF)

I'm also trying to craft a trade for Sully, he went in the 5th (72nd pick?!?!) Any chance I can get him?


  • Phil_OPastryPhil_OPastry Member, League - Heroes Keeper League Posts: 375

    Your big situation doesn't look good. I'm sure you can get Sully - not sure you'll be getting a bargain going for him the day after a 19 rebound outing though. You may want to target someone like Gobert for blocks or try to trade for Sanders.

  • bjamesgalibjamesgali Member Posts: 217

    I was hoping that game went under the radar haha... apparently not :(. Even Oly. was grabbed way higher than I anticipated..

    Any deep sleeper bigs you can think of? Gobert is off the market as well :( ha

  • Phil_OPastryPhil_OPastry Member, League - Heroes Keeper League Posts: 375

    Ed Davis comes to mind. Jordan Hill has never been able to play a full season or big minutes so I expect Davis to get some run. Presuming someone has snagged Henry Sims - Arnett Moultrie in Philly could be a good sleeper. Keep an eye on New York - would not be surprised to see Aldrich earn some burn after the first month. The Nurkic kid looks good in Denver, especially if McGee is still injured or recovering. Patrick Patterson in Toronto. Someone like Andre Roberson might give you big man stats playing SG or Aminu can do the same playing SF. Speights is a good insurance policy for Bogut's inevitable injury also.

  • jchappy23jchappy23 Member Posts: 16

    If Kyle O'Quinn is available, hes always been a consistent free agent add for me in my leagues

  • bjamesgalibjamesgali Member Posts: 217

    Would you guys drop anyone from my team to make those adds at this stage, or maybe just keep them on the watch list for now? I don't have any dominant bigs, but Dieng, Mason and Tyson are probably better holds for now right?

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