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First Time In Years!!

gocelts34gocelts34 Member Posts: 6

As a kid I used to love fantasy basketball as a kid, but I have not played since Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming were teamed up in Houston. Really wanted to get back into it so I signed up. I was clueless who to take for sleepers but I did my best. Unfortunately I had my draft before Rondo broke is hand. Here it is...

PG - Rajon Rondo (3)
SG - DeMar DeRozen (5)
G - Jose Calderon (7)
SF - Carmelo Anthony (1)
PF - Blake Griffin (2)
F - Nerlens Noel (4)
C - Derrick Favors (6)
C - Andrew Bogut (9)
Util - Brandon Jennings (8)
Util - Trey Burke (10)
Bench - Jeff Green (11)
Bench - Terrence Jones (12)
Bench - Amare Stoudemire (13)

The numbers indicate the rounds I drafted the player. I had the 8th overall pick in a 12 man league. It is a Yahoo league with all the standard settings. What do you guys think? Should I dump Rondo and use his roster spot to play the wavier wire?


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