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National Fantasy Basketball Association League *With Prizes


League: 22 Teams
Type: Free Dynasty League
Site: Fantrax
Main Roster: 15 Players
Active Roster: 10 Players (2PG, 2SG, 2SF, 2PF, 2C)
Bench Roster: 5 Players
Total: 15 Players
Scoring: Head to Head (Points-Based)
Scoring Categories: 7 Categories
Schedule: Matchups are 1 Day Long
Matchups: Roughly 138 Regular Season Games (Determined by length of NBA Schedule)
Playoffs: Best of 7 Format
Prizes: A custom NBA Jersey will be awarded to the first owner to win 2 Fantasy Championships.

This league will be the fantasy equivalent to the NBA with minor alterations because we are dealing with fantasy (of course). We also have our own Commissioner (our sponsor) who will not own a team. But instead oversee the League. He will have the following duties:

  • Clarify Rules
  • Conduct Draft Lotteries
  • Make Tough Decisions and Rulings
  • Make sure there is no collusion amongst owners
  • Take care of all teams info (salaries, contract, rosters etc.)

Listed below is all the important league info you will need to know:

Main Draft: The Main Draft will be a 10 round snake draft. Any player (signed to an NBA team) born before the year of 1994 is eligible.
Entry Draft: The entry draft will be a 5 round snake draft. Any player (signed to an NBA team) born after the year of 1993 is eligible.
Lottery: Lottery will be held live once the league is full. Date and time TBD. The winner of the Lottery will pick 1st in the main draft and last in the entry draft.

Draft Signings: Each team will receive 30 contract years to hand out to their roster of 15 players. Maximum of 3 contract years per player.

Salaries: We will be using real-life NBA salaries.
Contracts: We won`t be using real-life contracts though. The amount of years is up to you (Maximum of 3)

Salary Cap: The salary cap, as well as the cap floor, will always be the exact same as the NBA. Except we will use a hard cap. No luxury tax limit.

Team Captains: We have a little twist. Every year, owners may name their team captain. The team captain can receive a contract of up to 10 years! The team captain may also slot in to multiple positions. Team Captains receive the following flex position based on their primary position.
Centre – Receives PF
Power Forward – Receives C and SF
Small Forward – Receives PF and SG
Shooting Guard – Receives SF and PG
Point Guard – Receives SG

Re-Signing a Player: At any time, you may choose to resign a player to the salary he currently has in the NBA. Once again, the contract years are up to you! (Maximum of 3 years, unless the player is a captain).
Teams will be allowed to resign 2 players every year.

Unrestricted Free Agency: If a player`s contract ends (and he is over the age of 25) and you choose not to resign him, the player will enter Unrestricted Free Agency. All teams will be allowed to bid on free agents during the free agency window. The maximum bid per year will be 15% of the salary cap (Currently $15M). The maximum contract years will be 3. Giving us a current maximum total bid of $45M.

Restricted Free Agency: If a players contract ends (and he is under the age of 26), and you choose not to resign him, the player will enter Restricted Free Agency. Its the same as unrestricted free agency, except, the team that owns the player may choose to match any bid.

Bidding Rules:

  • The first bid must be a minimum of 1M.
  • Every bid must be atleast 1M higher than the last bid.

If you decide to buyout a player, you will pay half of his salary for the remaining years on his contract.
There will be a limit of 1 buyout per team every year.

Cap Hits:
Cap hits will always be in effect. Doesn`t matter if a player retires or is placed on long term injury reserve. These types of players may still be bought out though.

We use the same waiver system as the NBA. Players that clear waivers will stay on the main roster.

Trades are definitely allowed and will be passed through the Commissioner to make sure there is no collusion involved. Once the Commissioner approves of the trade, the trade will become official.

2 Point Guards
2 Shooting Guards
2 Small Forwards

2 Power Forwards

2 Centres

Injured Slots:
Any player that is injured (has a red flag) may be placed in an injured slot. Players currently on injured reserve will still count against the cap.

Player Categories Info:
Points – 1 Point
Assists – 2 Points
Steals – 2 Points
Offensive Rebounds – 2 Points
Turnovers – Minus 2 Points
Blocks – 1 Point for every 2 Blocks accumulated by the entire team
Defensive Rebounds – 1 Point for every 3 Defensive Rebounds accumulated by the entire team

Note: These scoring categories give us a real NBA game feel. On average, teams can expect to score 110 points per matchup. Giving us almost an NBA equivalent score line such as 100-98 or 120-104.

Tiebreaker will be awarded to the team with the best bench/reserve players.
Playoff Tiebreakers:
For Games 1,2,5 & 7, the higher seed will win the tiebreaker.
For Game 3,4 & 6, the lower seed will win the tiebreaker

Playoff Format:

  • All rounds are a best of 7 format.
  • Top 14 teams will advance to the playoffs.
  • 1st and 2nd Placed team will receive a 1st round bye.
  • Bottom 8 will compete in a consolation bracket for the 1st overall pick.

Miscellaneous Info:
All owners will need to be on the KIK App to connect with our Commissioner who will be making announcements in the League Chatroom.

Interested owners must apply to
Once an application is received, you will receive a response email with 5 questions about the league info posted above.
The first 22 owners to pass their set of 5 questions will be awarded a team in the NFBA.
Once you have been awarded a team, you may choose a team name. The team name must be from The D-League.


  • nfhl09nfhl09 Member Posts: 8

    Teams Taken:
    Austin Spurs
    Texas Legends
    Erie Bayhawks
    Maine Red Claws
    Santa Cruz Warriors
    Los Angeles D-Fenders
    Fayetteville Patriots
    Canton Charge

  • nfhl09nfhl09 Member Posts: 8

    Raptors 905 now taken as well

  • nfhl09nfhl09 Member Posts: 8

    Sioux Falls Skyforce and Fort Wayne Mad Ants now taken

  • nfhl09nfhl09 Member Posts: 8

    19 of 22 teams taken. Only 3 spots left.

  • nfhl09nfhl09 Member Posts: 8

    Draft starts in a week. Looking for 1 more.

  • nfhl09nfhl09 Member Posts: 8

    A spot has opened up in our league.
    Email me if interested:

  • nfhl09nfhl09 Member Posts: 8

    We are looking for 1 (maybe 2) replacement GMs. Their are 2 teams available (listed below).
    This league has been running really strong in it's first year. It is a VERY active league and we have a solid group of gms. Every owner sets their lineups every day and uses the kik application to talk trades.
    It's a deep league with contracts, salary cap, buyouts etc.
    We are currently entering the last week before the playoffs and Consolation Bracket (for the 1st overall pick).
    If this sounds like your type of league, then feel free to send me an email:

    Team 1:
    C - Nikola Jokic
    C - Tarik Black
    C - Tristan Thompson
    PF - Ryan Anderson
    PF - Nikola Mirotic
    PF - Dwight Powell
    SF - Jayson Tatum
    SF - Thabo Sefalosha
    SG - Jeremy Lamb
    SG - Kyle Anderson
    SG - Justin Holiday
    SG - Iman Shumpert
    SG - Dwyane Wade
    PG - Ish Smith
    PG - De'Aaron Fox

    Draft Picks:
    Two 2018 2nd Round Picks
    One 2019 1st Round Pick
    Two 2019 2nd Round Picks

    Team 2:
    C - Pau Gasol
    C - Brook Lopez
    C - Ante Zizic
    PF - Lucas Nogueira
    PF - Marquess Chriss
    PF - Domantas Sabonis
    SF - Lebron James
    SF - Josh Jackson
    SG - Joe Harris
    SG - Sean Kilpatrick
    SG - C.J. McCollum
    PG - Malcom Brogdon
    PG - Derrick Rose

    Draft Picks:
    One 2018 1st Round Pick
    One 2018 2nd Round Pick
    One 2019 1st Round Pick
    One 2019 2nd Round Pick

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