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Playoff intrigue

This is shaping up to be an outstanding playoffs. Only a game or two left and almost all of the seeding is up for grabs. I'm really intrigued by the 2,3, 5 and 6 battle in the west. Not only is home court undecided but somebody is going get stuck with the 5 seed and 2nd rd matchup with the warriors.

It's probably a 3 team race with the Cavs, Warriors and Spurs all playing awesome basketball right now. The Clippers are in the next tier by themselves imo. The Rockets, Blazers and Hawks are beat up and the Griz are struggling. The Bulls are my sleeper team since they play in the East and they are stacked with talent even if they have limped to the end of the regular season.

I will probably rooting for the Curry and Klay since I have enjoyed their season. My Wolves have almost locked up the worst record. At least we have Wiggins and another top pick. Awesome.


  • silentjimsilentjim Posts: 517 mod

    Lots of good match-ups I think. Even the bottom two in the East, whoever they are, have been playing well lately, which maybe means they could squeeze in a win or two instead of getting swept.

  • kab21kab21 Posts: 20

    I actually think there is better than usual chance of a historic 1/8 upset. The Hawks are missing a couple of players and Millsap is supposed to be back but who knows. The Pacers could win a short series if they are the 8 seed.

  • kab21kab21 Posts: 20

    Pick a playoff upset

    • MEM/POR and TOR/WAS are a push and not eligible to be picked
    • SA is the favorite over the Clippers despite being the lower seed
    • GSW, HOU, CLE, ATL and CHI are the higher seed and favorites

    Do any of these teams have the potential to be upset?

  • silentjimsilentjim Posts: 517 mod

    If I had to pick an upset I'd pick Dallas over Houston. Not feeling great about it, but that's the one I see where experience and prior championships might play a part.

  • kab21kab21 Posts: 20

    I am picking the Bulls as my surprise team in both directions. I think the Bucks could upset them and I think the Bulls could upset the Cavs in rd 2. I have no idea what to expect from them. They are a mess but they have talent. If they get hot they could be a playoff force or get bounced in the first rd.

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