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This Week's Leaders

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Lucky Ladders Week #23

@dasein scored a big 15 points last week and took over the overall lead for the season, meaning he's the one to catch/beat with 35 points! With the NBA season ending mid April you still have a shot at winning some big bucks! One good week can vault you into first place (one great week or perfect week is probably a guaranteed win at this rate...) So play the game!

With 10 games on Saturday and 7 on Sunday Week #23 should be interesting. Lots of playoff implications (and some garbage games). Every game for the Pelicans and the Thunder are becoming uber important and the homer in me really wants to see what happens with the Bulls and Cavs. Be wary of those pesky Hawks though. With nothing to play for they continue to keep resting players all the time.

76ers at Hornets
Celtics at Raptors
Heat at Pistons
Nets at Hawks
Wizards at Grizzlies
Magic at Bucks
Warriors at Mavericks
Clippers at Nuggets
Pelicans at Trail Blazers
Jazz at Suns

Rockets at Thunder
Bulls at Cavs
Heat at Pacers
Warriors at Spurs
76ers at Knicks
Jazz at Kings
Clippers at Lakers


  • kab21kab21 Posts: 20
    1. Clippers at Lakers
    2. Clippers at Nuggets
    3. Magic at Bucks
    4. Wizards at Grizzlies
    5. Warriors at Mavericks
    6. Heat at Pistons
    7. Jazz at Kings
    8. Rockets at Thunder
    9. Nets at Hawks
    10. Bulls at Cavs
    11. 76ers at Knicks
    12. Pelicans at Trail Blazers
    13. Heat at Pacers
    14. Jazz at Suns
    15. Warriors at Spurs
    16. 76ers at Hornets
    17. Celtics at Raptors
  • silentjimsilentjim Posts: 517 mod

    1 Clippers at Lakers
    2 Celtics at Raptors
    3 Clippers at Nuggets
    4 Heat at Pacers
    5 76ers at Knicks
    5 Jazz at Kings
    7 Magic at Bucks
    8 Wizards at Grizzlies
    9 Heat at Pistons
    10 Nets at Hawks
    11 Bulls at Cavs
    12 76ers at Hornets
    13 Warriors at Mavericks
    14 Pelicans at Trail Blazers
    15 Jazz at Suns
    16 Warriors at Spurs
    17 Rockets at Thunder

  • daseindasein Posts: 937
    1. Clippers at Lakers
    2. Magic at Bucks
    3. Wizards at Grizzlies
    4. Clippers at Nuggets
    5. Warriors at Mavericks
    6. Celtics at Raptors
    7. Heat at Pacers
    8. Pelicans at Trail Blazers
    9. 76ers at Hornets
    10. Nets at Hawks
    11. Bulls at Cavs
    12. Jazz at Kings
    13. Heat at Pistons
    14. Jazz at Suns
    15. Warriors at Spurs
    16. Rockets at Thunder
    17. 76ers at Knicks
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