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Studs and Duds of Week #21 (March 16th – 22nd)

silentjimsilentjim Member, Moderator, Commish - Bonanza Keeper League, Commish - Salary Cap League, League - Battle of the Sports Forums Posts: 552 mod
edited March 2015 in Expert Player Rankings


Danilo Gallinari had some injury issues which limited him to two games in Week #21, but 25 points, 3 threes, 5 boards, 2.5 assists, 2 steals, and 1 block per game with 50%, 88%, and 2 TOs is one heck of a line no matter how you slice it. Makes you wonder how he got so little playing time to start the season… The other think to keep in mind is that he did this while averaging only 33.5 minutes per game and while only attempting 15 shots. For reference Randy Foye who also plays for Denver averaged 15 per game during the same stretch, but only scored 18.3 points.

I’m as total jerk and bailed on Elfrid Payton early this season and shouldn’t have. The mixed percentages and high TOs made me think that if he did make strides it would take some time and affect his game in other areas. I was wrong. Over his 4 game stretch where he averaged nearly 37 minutes a game Payton scored 13.25 points, hit .25 threes, grabbed 8 boards, dished 9.25 assists, stole the ball 2.75 times per game and even blocked .25 shots while shooting 59% from the floor and not missing a free throw. That’s first round value from a rookie (even if for a short stretch) and everyone that compared him to Rondo would trade Rondo for him in a heartbeat.

Brook Lopez: Is he starting? Hurt? In the dog house? On the trade block? Who knows. What I do know is 21 points, 9.5 boards (for a dude who can’t rebound), 1.75 assists, .25 steals, 3 blocks, and 1 TO on 67% from the floor and 88% from the line is well worth fantasy accolades. This of course coordinates with Mason Plumlee struggling a lot more than people were hoping or thinking.

Honorable mentions:
Enes Kanter: 22.7 points, 11.7 boards, 64% FG, 100% FT – Top 10 value
JJ Redick: 24 points, 3.5 threes, 2.75 assists, 55% FG, .25 TOs – Also top 10 value
Nikola Mirotic: 20.7 points, 1.7 threes, 8.3 boards, 2.3 assists, .7 steals, 2 blocks, 89% from the line – Top 15 value


James Harden: Making my duds of the week in two consecutive weeks is not a good thing if you were wondering. And again, I’m being greedy, but you can’t produce top 10 value all season and then when it matters most fall into 6th rounder status. Not helping people make or win the playoffs. Sure the counting stats ae could as per usual (27.7, 6.7, 4.3, etc.), but 35% from the floor on 20 FGA/G and 4.3 TOs pretty much make him a categorical killer on his own. If you’re tanking those two cats, than hallelujah.

Stephen Curry fits the same mold as Harden with the other factor being the 30 minutes per game over his 4 game stretch. I really am getting to the point where I agree with the old timers. How can these young guys need so much rest and are complaining about back to backs etc.? What has changed over the last 30 years??? Again 35% from the floor on major attempts and 3.25 TOs with a drop in all of his counting stats make him right around 40 overall for last week, which is just ho hum.

Al Horford hurt me last week and I’m sure a decent amount of others. The Hawks definitely peaked to soon and it’s hard for teams to try to regain that sometimes. The resting guys some days and then others I don’t think is going to go well for them in the playoffs, as they still seem to be a regular season sort of team right now. Either way 8.7 points, 6.7 boards, 4 assists, 1 steal, .7 blocks, 36% and zero FT attempts in three games for your center are not good things. This line barely crack the top 156 for standard leagues.

Honorable mentions:
Kyrie Irving: 16.5 points on 38% shooting and no monster counting stats elsewhere – top 125
Damian Lillard: Just like Kyrie, average in almost everything with bad efficiency (5.75 assists and 3.25 TOs) – top 125
Nikola Vucevic: When Elfrid Payton is shooting better from the floor than Vuc, you’ve got a problem. More TOs than assists and steals combined also sits Vuc in the top 125

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