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Risers and Fallers of Week #19 (March 2nd - March 8th)

silentjimsilentjim Member, Moderator, Commish - Bonanza Keeper League, Commish - Salary Cap League, League - Battle of the Sports Forums Posts: 552 mod
edited March 2015 in Expert Player Rankings


The Rooster (Gallinari). Mentioned Gallo as kind of my 4th on the list of second half targets and he isn’t disappointing. It’s not often you see someone shoot sub .400 and still manager to crack the top 25 for the week, but that’s what Gallo has been able to do while taking advantage of 33+ minutes per game. Not missing from the line at all, knocking down 2.75 threes per game and rebounding (5.5) and stealing (1.75) at a high rate mean his other 8 cats are diluting his FG% woes. If you had a team built on poor FG% and strong FT% there’s not much better based on current value.

Nerlens Noel averaged 4.25 steals in 4 games last week. From the center position. If you’re in a punt FT mode with Noel getting those steals from an off position is so valuably it’s not even funny. It would allow teams to pass on guys like Rondo and Rubio and take late round PGs and avoiding that inevitable trap. Combine the 4.25 steals with the 1.75 blocks and I’d draft him whether he was doing anything else. One concern with Noel going forward is that he tends to have high and low games which might hurt some in H2H depending on the number of games and match-ups.

Shaun Livingston is someone I like since it’s possible he’s still available in leagues you’re in. Only 8% owned in Yahoo leagues but trending upwards on a GSW team that seems to want to start resting their stars, makes for an interesting last season add with high rewards. The all-around balanced game of Livingston is probably his most intriguing part. Blocks decently well for a PG/SG, rebounds well too, but also dishes and scored 14.5 points on .595 shooting. An excellent combination as long as you aren’t looking for threes which he no longer really attempts.


James Johnson doesn’t need a ton of minutes to succeed and be fantasy relevant since he’s got a unique defensive skill set, but his threshold seems to be that 20 minute mark and when he’s not getting those minutes his game struggles. Toronto has shifted back to Terrence Ross as a starter for spacing and Derozan and Lowry take so many shots there’s not much left for anyone else. Anyone holding on to Johnson (23% of you) during this part of the fantasy season need to abandon ship and realize top 100 value isn’t happening anymore by a long shot.

Jeff Green has actually been playing better of late, but that still doesn’t take away from him being an overrated player on an extremely deep real life team. Green just doesn’t really excel at anything and while he does score which is what Memphis needs, he’s been shooting pretty poorly (.345 over Week #19). He has been getting minutes and been scoring more of late, but he’s borderline rosterable in standard leagues unless he starts doing something a little bit better.

Markieff Morris fits into the same mold as Jeff Green. His current Yahoo rank is 80 on the season with an O-Rank of 69, but despite all of that love, he hasn’t really approached that. His only positive contributions from last week were points and FG%, but must of us expect some threes and some defensive numbers. In 4 games he had 2 steals and zero blocks and has been shooting worse and worse from the line (60% on almost 4 attempts per game). He’s not droppable obviously and more than likely your trade deadline passed, but he’s not an auto start on heavy days, so don’t let his yahoo ranks fool you.


  • JoshShep50JoshShep50 Moderator Posts: 75 mod

    Gallo has been silly good. I hate to kick a man when he's down, but the coaching change in Denver has been nice since the starters seem to be getting steadier run. I watch Livingston now and wonder what could have been if not for his knee injury. That said, he's been great of late, and I'm rooting for him to continue his run of success. It seems like he's in the perfect situation with Golden State. Of the fallers, I'm glad I didn't end up accepting a deal involving Jeff Green in my league. He's been a shell of himself since being dealt to Memphis.

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