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Lucky Ladders Rules

silentjimsilentjim Member, Moderator, Commish - Bonanza Keeper League, Commish - Salary Cap League, League - Battle of the Sports Forums Posts: 552 mod

The premise is simple, but complicated: First, figure out which of the two teams you think will win each of the match-ups for the weekend’s games (simple right?). Then in order of how confident you think the teams are of winning their match-up, rank them. The team you are most confident will win their match-up would be number 1 and the team with most shaky situation would be number 15 or however many total games there are (complicated).

Example: You are extremely confident the Bulls will beat the Bucks, so you number them 1. You are semi-confident the Lakers will beat the Trailblazers, so you number them 2. You are not too confident that the Magic will beat the Nets, so you number them three. In this small scenario you can score a maximum of 6 points (1+2+3) if you get all the games right, 1 point if you only get the first game right, 3 points if you get the first and second game right (1+2), and zero points if you get at least the first game right. Because it’s a “Ladder”, you need to climb, meaning if you get the second and third game right, but get the first game wrong, you also score zero points. Basically you could guess every game but the first one right, but still score zero points since you need to “climb” the rungs and a missing rung halts the points scoring (slipping).

So, in a standard week with 15 games you have the ability to score a total of 120 points (For reference I don't think a perfect score has ever been achieved) or a minimum of zero.

When the game is posted for that week a list of the match-ups for that weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and you'll simply want to reply with your the winner for each match-up and in the correct order.

Example continued from above:

  1. Bulls
  2. Lakers
  3. Magic

Remember that editing or modifying your posts gets an automatic zero for the week and your picks must be submitted before tip off of the first game on Saturday or zero points again for the week.

As an added bonus and to get as many people to play as possible, the user with the most points at the end of the season will receiver $150 cash and considering we're starting up right after the All-Star break you should have plenty of past data to make educated guesses. Hint: The Knicks are terrible. :D

If you've got a question post below or shoot me a message!


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