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sn267537sn267537 Member Posts: 5

12 team
Roto 9 category scoring

Third year keeper, maximum of 6 keepers -- keepers are kept based on round drafted

Draft: October 24,2014 at 7 pm PDT

Team: drafting 6th overall

Chris bosh - round 5

Alec burks - round 11

Tyson chandler - round 4

Monta Ellis - round 2

Tyreke evans - round 6

Randy foye - round 13

Manu ginoblli - round 8

David lee - round 3

Shawn Marion - round 12

CJ miles - round 9

Jared sullinger round 10

John wall - round 7

Deron Williams - round 1
Email if interested or have questions


  • geodbeargeodbear Member, Moderator, League - Bonanza Keeper League, League - Battle of the Sports Forums Posts: 79 mod

    So if you keep a player you lose that round? Is that how it works? Wall and Bosh are probably your two best values to keep. Of your next best players (DWill, Ellis, DLee), it really depends on who you think will be available in your draft. It seems tough to loose them for your 1, 2, 3 round picks, but if everyone is keeping their top talent, then it may be worthwhile. How have you and the other managers kept players in the past?

  • sn267537sn267537 Member Posts: 5

    Yes, if you keep a player, like wall or bosh, then wall will be your 7th round pick and bosh will be your 5th round pick. The purpose of this set up is to reward drafting and keep better talent in a later round I.e. Wall and bosh are both higher picks than a 5/7 round pick. So you're keeping better players in later rounds. In all my leagues, baseball, football, and basketball this is the keeper set up. Keeping players by rounds

    Keeper settings:
    1) 6 keepers (is the maximum amount of keepers. keeping less than 6 is acceptable). keepers can be of any position, there are no limitations or requirements on position or round
    2) players are kept based on round drafted
    3) if because of trade there are two keepers in the same round, the player traded for will be kept in the next available round (open spot) after the player of same round drafted by the team
    4) free agent keepers will start at round 10. and fill so on as needed (round 11+) if round 10 is already taken by drafted or traded for player

  • sn267537sn267537 Member Posts: 5
    edited September 2014

    the roster posted above has been filled, however, this roster has just become available in the league. he and his wife have had a baby this month, and he doesnt think hell be able to maintain and participate in the league this season because hell be too busy. so if anyone is interested in this team, email

    maximum of 6 keepers

    team: drafting third overall

    Arron Afflalo -- round 5

    Patrick Beverley -- round 11

    Carlos Boozer -- round 7

    Spencer Hawes -- round 6

    Roy Hibbert -- round 4

    George Hill -- round 3

    Jrue Holiday -- round 2

    Chandler Parsons -- round 13

    Nikola Pekovic -- round 8

    Josh Smith -- round 1

    Lance Stephenson -- round 10

    Isaiah Thomas -- round 9

    Tristan Thompson -- round 12

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