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Experts League - Yahoo Fantasy Point Auction/Keeper

j1cyrusj1cyrus Member Posts: 2

The goal of this league is to replicate the experience of being an NBA GM as closely as possible, without getting too complex.


  • 16+ teams (depending on response)
  • hosted on Yahoo!
  • fantasy point scoring, total season points (non-H2H)
  • auction ($250)
  • keeper (calculated as follows: price paid to acquire + end-of-season value ÷ 2)
  • email me at if interested!

I'm 29 years old, have played the game of basketball at a reasonably high level (i.e. varsity in HS, not embarrassing myself against D1/semi-pro types in the years since, lol), and am a bball junkie through and through.

The reason I say this is because I'm looking to fill a league with DIE HARD fans of the game like myself who love and understand the game at an advanced level. In my experience talking to people, these tend to be the types who are in and around the game, and have been for years. If you feel you're good enough to play but haven't had super-extensive playing experience, please email me anyways as there are always exceptions.

Anyways, I've developed a scoring system/format for an auction/keeper league that has been tested with great success in several leagues for over 5 years now. The scoring is meant to be intuitive; go for the best players and stop worrying about category-based arbitrage!

This highlights the skills of the best fantasy owners – scouting/player evaluation.

While any scoring system based on box score stats has inherent limitations in terms of real-world accuracy, after extensive research, I feel this scoring is as close to as good as it gets in terms of serving as a proxy for "true to life" value. Here are the top 25 players in this scoring based on last season, as well as the scoring itself:

This will be a ton of fun if I can put together the right group. I hope to hear from some quality owners!


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