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Rank my roster: 12 team H2H 9cat snake league

dwade3dwade3 Member Posts: 7

Hey i had a new snake draft after my auction.

and I ended up taking FT punt again

**PG - Rondo, Rubio, Payton, Wroten

SG - Stephenson

SF - Josh Smith, Iguodala

PF - Terrence Jones, Mason Plumlee

C - Dwight, Drummond, Bogut, Asik**

Iguodala and Wroten have SG eligibility so position wise i dont think i have a problem

FG,Rbd,Ast,Stl,Blk are the 5 categories i concentrated on.

Everything seems pretty good to me except FG since i have so many FG killers...rubio,payton,josh.....

But how does it look? can i be confident with this roster?

or should i try to make moves?

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