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Raptors7Raptors7 Member Posts: 6

10 team H2H pts league. Pts=1, Assists/Rebounds= 2, Steals/Blocks = 3, 3 pt FG = 1.5, Missed FG/FT = -1, Turnovers = -1. Bonus pts for DD +10 pts, TD + 25 pts.
Guards (start 4) - R Westbrook, K Walker, B Jennings, A Burks, B Beal (bench), E Gordon (bench), E Turner (bench)
Forwards (start 4) - G Monroe, K Leonard, K Faried, Mk Morris, T Ross (bench), J McRoberts (bench), A Bennett (bench)
Centers (start 1) - D Howard
Flex (start 1) - N Noel C

I think my weakness is at G until Beal gets back. I'm a little worried about Walker's injury. Gordon would normally start over Burks but I have Burks in there because he plays 3 games his first week.

This is the 1st year of the league we are allowed to keep up to 5 players that weren't drafted in rounds 1-3. Beal will definitely be 1 as I drafted him in round 8. If he lives up to expectations, Noel (round 10) is a sure fire keeper too.

Any thoughts advice for improving? Best available free agents are Guards - K Martin, T Wroten, E Fournier, Fwds - B Bogdanovic, PJ Tucker, E Davis, W Chandler. Centers - E Okafor, S Hawes, S Dalembert.


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