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Indepth CBA simulation dynasty league

GarfGarf Member Posts: 17

The idea behind NBA Front Office is to mimic the job of a real-life GM as much as possible. All rules of the CBA apply unless specified otherwise.

That makes it the most complex fantasy league - you'll need to understand terms like July Moratorium, Qualifying Offer, or Repeater Tax.
(Which doesn't mean you must be a CBA expert from day 1. Au contraire: I created this league over 2 years ago, and I still learn something new every day.)

At the same time, that makes it the simplest fantasy league - you don't need to memorize any imaginary salary caps or extension rules, because we replicate exactly what is covered by the media every day. You don't need to optimize your team composition for any specific scoring format, because everything we do has the single goal of making the league 100% realistic and parallel to the real-life NBA. Need proof? Look how short the rules are!

By now we've grown to become a unique community: most GM's write really cool blogs, we regularly share some laughs as a FB group, meet online once a year for a wacky Draft Lottery, celebrate every historical moment with rather poor Photoshop skills and Hall of Fame inclusion, and if you're lucky you might even get a real ring out of it all! Plus if you aren't quite sure when to renounce your TPE or how to comply with the Stepien rule, you can choose to start as an Assistant GM for a while!

We started in July 2012. As of today, Celtics, Suns, Pistons, and Nuggets are for grabs.
Join the geekapalooza here:


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