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2018 - 2019 Keepers

lilstinkylynxlilstinkylynx Member, Commish - Heroes Keeper League Posts: 471

Keepers due date TBD.
Any non finalized keepers will be chosen based on highest Per Game Value on BBM for 2017-2018 Season.


  • Phil_OPastryPhil_OPastry Member, League - Heroes Keeper League Posts: 375
    1. Jokic
    2. Gobert
    3. Booker
    4. Tatum

    The last slot is a toss up - I am excepting offers. Right now it is between Dunn, Teague, Saric, DSJ, or Markkanen. I may consider moving Gobert, but would need some serious cheddar!

  • DaRuhlDaRuhl Member, League - Heroes Keeper League, League - Salary Cap League Posts: 587
    edited April 20
    1. Anthony Davis
    2. Otto Porter
    3. Khris Middleton
    4. Al Horford
    5. Marc Gasol

    Subject to change of course! Open to deals. TJ Warren, Harrison Barnes,Terry Rozier, Kyle Anderson, Trevor Ariza all available. Open to dealing (except for Anthony Davis)!

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