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$25 via LS // Y! 12-TEAM H2H 9 CAT // Auction Draft Oct 14th

salvadorsalvador Member, League - Salary Cap League Posts: 111

If you still have slots and are interested in a casual set-up of a new money league ($25 via leaguesafe) 12-team H2H standard 9-cats (with twist of roto payouts) live auction draft on October 14, Saturday 9PM ET. This one's for you.

I am the only one in the league so far (craving for a H2H auction draft), but don't worry if we don't get to 12 by Saturday morning, all fees will be refunded by leaguesafe, no questions asked.

$25 Dame D.O.L.L.A. Cup
Yahoo! Auction Live Draft (redraft, non-keeper)
October 14, 2017 (Saturday) 9:00PM ET
Head-to-Head (Standard 9 Categories, each category is a win)

Starting Budget: $200
Nomination order will be randomly determined approximately 30 minutes before the start of the draft.
Max roster size is 14. $1 is reserved for each empty roster slot.
Nomination Time Limit 30 Seconds
Bid Time Limit 20 Seconds

12 Teams, 14 Roster spots (10 active and 4 bench).
In case of injured players, 2 IL spots
PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, C, UTL, UTL, B, B, B, B

Regular Season: Week 1 to Week 22
Playoffs: Week 23 to Week 24 (April 2-11, 10 days)
4 teams advance to playoffs

Daily - Tomorrow.
Waiver Rules on FAAB w/ Continual rolling tiebreak.
Waiver processed every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
Waiver Budget per Team for entire season is $100.

Maximum Player acquisitions per week is 4 (regular season and playoffs).
Max Trades per team is 20.
Last date to trade - March 1, 2018 (less than month before start playoffs).

If a trade is accepted between 2 managers, the entire league is notified & managers/commissioner can review the deal...
-The league is set for the MANAGERS (via notification from the COMMISSIONER) to decide on trades.
-At the minimum, One-third plus 1 (or 5 in case of 12 managers) of the league managers must vote against the trade within 2 days in order for it to be vetoed.
-When the trade has been accepted & not vetoed by the managers AND the waiting period (2 days) has finished, the trade is processed.

$25 via Leaguesafe. Payout Rule: Majority Approval.

UNIQUE PAYOUT STRUCTURE ($25x12=$300, 100% gauranteed payout)
The payment setup is kind of Roto Style wherein the best teams that performed well during the Regular Season is awarded more than the Playoff Winners.
This is to address actual NBA teams resting their players near the end of the 82 game season.
Weeks 1-22 is the regular season schedule, ensuring teams (11 x 2) match twice against the other teams.

Regular Season Winners (75%):
1st - $125
2nd - $60
3rd - $25
4th - $15

Playoff Winners (25%):
1st - $50
2nd - $25

Total of $300

PM me should you have questions.

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