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2 Needed for $100 16-tm Auction Dynasty with Expansion draft for new managers

4ScoutZero184ScoutZero18 Member Posts: 4

Expansion draft pool available once you join. Names off the top of my head are Harden, IT3, Millsap,Kyrie, Klay, Kemba, Wiggins, etc.
Email for more info
Rules are below:
-All payments will be handled through League Safe. $100 buy in. -Payments 1st $700 2nd $500 3rd $300 4th $100
-Top 7 teams make the playoffs. 1 seed gets a bye.
-3 playoff rounds. 2 weeks per playoff match up. The final week is a 17 day match up.
-Auction league with a $200 budget.
-FAAB bidding everyday. There are no free agents. FAAB budget of $100 dollars with a $0 minimum bid.
-Each team can keep between 0-8 players.
-$5 inflation per year on all auction players.
-A player will be kept for there auction value plus inflation. If a player is drafted then dropped and picked up by another team the value in which he was drafted will be his keeper value. -Any player not drafted via auction and added to a roster will be kept for a flat rate of $3. The following year they inflate the normal $5 rate. Players added from the free agent wire can be kept if picked up on- or before the last day of the fantasy regular season. After that point, players in the free agent pool go into next year's draft pool.
-There is no auction dollar trading.
-Any player traded can not be reacquired back without waiting 10 days.
-All teams that do not make the playoffs will take part in the consolation ladder.


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