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Keeper Advice - 9 Cat, 10 teams

RoleRole Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

Hi all, I've been struggling with who to mark as a keeper next year. A bit of background, I'm in a 10 team league, 9 cat h2h, and have the first pick of the draft next year.

My team, from most valued to least valued (personal opinion, * indicated keeper) is as follows:

*Kevin Durant
*Marc Gasol
*Kemba Walker
Devin Booker
DeAndre Jordan
Ricky Rubio
Jrue Holiday
Jabari Parker
Tyler Johnson
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

I'm struggling with who to keep past Walker-- I know if I drop DeAndre i will be lacking for boards and blocks next year for sure, and it really pains me to think that I wont have Jabari next year, but I dont really want to throw a whole year if he's going to be out until February. Keep in mind, i have the first pick for next year, so i could possibly get one of these players back, but seeing as it's a 10 team league, there might be better options at #1 overall.

Please let me know your thoughts, even if they are just to disagree with my current keepers!


  • spud_webb_04spud_webb_04 Member Posts: 54

    you had tyler johnson on your roster in a ten team league ?
    those three are solid keepers and i think i would go punt assist team and keep devin booker over jordan. Be sure to pick a solid big within the first couple rounds of your draft
    there should be a lot left with only ten managers and five keepers
    that is just 50 players, there should be plenty of quality left

  • Jim413Jim413 Member Posts: 60

    I would also keep Booker, & Rubio. He will be ballin on his new team. Or keep Jordan and pick rookie Lonzo Ball with 1st pick, he can get you the assists and steals that you will lose by not keeping Rubio, plus will score a ton on the star-less Lakers.

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