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New, Unique, Paid 30 Team NBA Dynasty league looking for serious, committed owners. (Low Buy-In)

The Franchise Freaks Dynasty league is looking for new owners in its inaugural season.

League Details
Size: 30 Teams (NBA Franchises)
League Fees: $25
Type: Salary/Contract
Initial Redraft: Yes
Rookie Draft: Yes
Paid: Yes

This is a new league, so owners will have to opportunity to build their team from scratch in hopes of Championship contention. We will be selective in choosing members, just in efforts to create a healthy, thriving active league.

Most 30 NBA Team Dynasty leagues force you to take over an actual team roster, regardless of how bad the roster is, and expect you to build from that. Here in FFD, we allow each team to pick 2 "Building Block" Contracts. Once contracts are chosen, we will hold a Inaugural FFD Free Agent draft to allow owners to build their teams from the remaining player pool.

We also provide a number of details from the NBA to make your GM experience even more life like:

  • Min Player Cap Exceptions
  • Disabled Player Cap Exceptions
  • Rookie Cap Exceptions
  • 10 Day Contracts
  • Restricted/Unrestricted FA

No Trade Committee
Because this is a Paid league, you don't have to worry about the validity of your trades being determined by a small portion of the league owners. Trades require majority vote to be vetoed, by a process made to ensure both fair, and unbiased trade judgement are made.

The league does require a $25 buy in that will be hosted by Leaguesafe. Similar to the NBA, franchises will earn payout by progressing through certain rounds of the playoffs. At the conclusion of the playoffs, purses will be calculated and awarded in full.

**If interested:

  • Please visit the league site at
  • Visit START HERE and read the Welcome thread, along with the Rules board.
  • If you would like to be contacted for the league launch in hopes of joining, please provide the requested information in the league Pre-Launch Wait list section.

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