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This Week's Leaders

The Fantasy Basketball Cafe Response Team is coming back for the rest of the season. If you are interested in helping our community grow by interacting with our members, providing quality feedback and getting more involved, direct message "DailyFantasyCafe" for details.

Epic 30 team Dynasty League with available teams.

This is a Points H2H dynasty League.
We use ESPN and Proboards to run it.

What types of players we are looking for
1. people who are very active. trades/ responds to trades at the very least. talks on chat, posts content in the article threads. By no means do we expect you to post content but at least being active in the chatroom, talking being friendly and being a good human being is a must.

Why you would want to join us?
1. Chat room is ALWAYS filled with people talking
2. Tons of trades and everyone was hand selected so you can count that everyone who is currently in the league are good active managers
3. We are a friendly crowd. since most of us know each other from different leagues, there are already rivalries and people who love competing vs each other. There are also the top of the top managers who everyone is gunning for. All in all the immersion is in place and it actually feels like a real league.
4. There is WEEKLY Game of the week content. We have a writer in the league who posts a detailed analysis of the game of the week.
5. We have WEEKLY Power rankings.
6. All trades get reviewed just like in real life.
7. Miscellaneous content such as 5 year projections for each team
8. Awards will always be given out near mid season and end of season. These are all just for fun and add to the excitement of this league.
9. Other events and contest.

The main mantra of the league is that is supposed to be fun. So come over here and have a nice time... Also destroy your opponents until there is nothing but blood and broken dreams in the air!!!! :)

Come over, take a look at the available teams and talk with the GMs. Then you can sign up for the team of your liking.

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