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Little help?

Hello bros, I'm kinda new to nba fantasy. Mind helping me a bit? So here's the thing, I want to have a good line up against my opponents in the long run. I already think that I will be able to make it in playoffs. However, I do dont think I'm confident enough to win our 16-teams league (head-to-head). Do you have any suggestions for trade/drop/pickups? I currently sit at No. 3 spot and here's my line up:

Steph Curry
TJ Warren
Tristan Thompson
Eric Gordon
Otto Porter
Montrezl Harrel

I appreciate any guidance, bros. Thank you!


  • Jim413Jim413 Member Posts: 60

    This question is very vague, We would need to see rosters, at least yours if not all. Plus we would need the rules. The answer for this would take a lot of research. not sure anyone would be willing to put that kind of time in. Good Luck.

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