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**Hello everyone, My name is Joe and my Ultimate Basketball League has been running online for over 20 years. It is a 14 team League run on CBS Sportsline, but we need one more owner. This is a head to head, points based League. The fee is $150 and this is all collected through League Safe. The first place team gets 50% of the pot, ($1,050), the second place team gets 25% of the pot, ($525), the third place team gets 15% of the pot, ($315), and the fourth place team gets 10% of the pot, ($210). The snake draft will be held on Tuesday night, October 25th, starting at 7:30 PM, Eastern Time, so we are running out of time to find our final owner.

To offer some incentive because I would like to get this final owner as soon as possible, I am offering the following:

1) I will reduce the fee in half. So, instead of paying $150, you will only owe $75 to League Safe, yet you will still participate in the entire pot of $2,100.
2) If you happen to win this League in your first season, you will receive a bonus of $100, in addition to the regular prize money.

I have a Constitution all written out that will explain all of the rules to you, and I can send that to you, in addition to an invitation to the CBS site so you could sign in and check everything out, if you just E-mail me back at

Thanks for reading and hope to welcome one more good owner to this League who could be ready to draft on Tuesday night!



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