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Sleepers and Busts this year

Phil_OPastryPhil_OPastry Member, League - Heroes Keeper League Posts: 375

Alright folks, let's get this party started and get some discussion going. Who do you guys see as sleepers and busts this season?

I think Koufos will be a sleeper. I also think every Celtic will be a bust due to so much positional duplicity.


  • lilstinkylynxlilstinkylynx Member, Commish - Heroes Keeper League Posts: 472

    Gallo just because of where he will be drafted should outperform his ADP and be a great sleeper. Same with Myles since he already has the tool set and playtime doesn't seem to be an issue. All it depends on is whether he puts it together at the nba level.

    Busts, any Celtic other than Thomas. Aldridge for where he will be taken. Paul George if anyone thinks he is putting up 2nd round value or better.

  • lilstinkylynxlilstinkylynx Member, Commish - Heroes Keeper League Posts: 472

    I would speak on other players but we are in a draft together. Lol

  • SmallTimeSportsSmallTimeSports Member Posts: 6
    edited October 2015

    Potential Busts
    Carmelo Anthony
    Nothing special except points and with bad knees. Not going to roll the dice on that with my 2-4th pick which is what it would take to get him.

    Blake Griffin
    You are getting a boost in FT%, good assists for a PF, and bad blocks & rebounds for a PF. To pick him in the second round and have it pay off you would need a big increase in his PPG. The Clippers have more options this year and I don't want to gamble my second pick on that. Unfortunately unnecessary crossovers and cool dunks don't mean just a whole lot in fantasy.

    Potential Sleepers
    Ricky Rubio
    His FG% is beyond terrible. The secret is that it is due not to him being a bad shooter, but because he can't finish at the rim. Check out his shot charts. He is good shooting free throws so it isn't his form. He is just weak in the paint. If he learns how to avoid those suboptimal (for him) shots (kicking out every time like late career Nash & Kidd) his FG% could stabilize. Here's the other secret: he doesn't shoot enough to kill you in FG%. As ugly as that number looks, I have drafted him in two teams that are still projected to be top 2 in FG% in the league. Why is it worth it? His elite assists and steals. For when he is going in the draft, nobody else can bring the value for any stat he brings in those.

    Giannis Antetokounmpo
    He was over drafted last year, which seems to be leading to a backlash this year. Take advantage of it. Has potential for stuffing all stats with the exception of threes. That benefits his super FG% however because he just doesn't chuck. I just can't help but look at his numbers and think one year he will do what Draymond Green did, just substitute plus FG% for Green's plus threes. Will it be this year? Who knows, but for where he is going it is worth it to find out. It isn't like he will be a negative where he is being drafted now. I think we have seen his floor and not his ceiling and is much more valuable than the ranks of 18th SF and 21st SG from ESPN.

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