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Industry Drafts - Should you care?

Rotoworld just released the results of their latest 'experts' draft, and not surprisingly, it's filled with an incomprehensible amount of horrible picks. As usual, Matt Buser killed it, while the bulk of participants did not. In a 9-cat league, someone actually took MCW 23rd?!? Or how about Wiggins going ahead of David West and a host of others? Jose Calderon picked AFTER Kanter, Afflalo and Tyreke Evans? I could go on and on but you all basically get my drift -- another lousy resource that will potentially mislead the masses.

Should we find it shocking that so many experts still continue to get it wrong? With fantasy sports existing solidly on the internet for around 15 years now, I would have expected the experts to improve their predictions. Conversely, maybe the impetus isn't there. After all, it's not a smart money-making niche.

Good thing there are still some reputable sites out there like Basketball Monster, but during this time of the year, I can't help but be bothered the vast majority of the rest of them. How do you guys approach these type of drafts? Do you put much faith in the 'experts?'


  • Fenris_77Fenris_77 Posts: 215

    There's good and there's bad there. On the one hand, like you said, it's bad when the wonky example set by some of those 'industry' guys leads people astray. Even there though the people who'll be affected the worst are people who only check one or two resources. Anyone who reads more broadly will see the discrepancies and at that point have at least a chance to make their own decision. On the other hand, for me anyway, it's a god thing to examine those drafts and decide exactly why I disagree with some of their rankings and analysis. In general I find that compare and contrast process makes my own rankings better.

    That's not to say I don't wince a lot and mutter under my breath while I'm reading some of the worst drafts, but I'll still read 'em. :D

  • silentjimsilentjim Posts: 517 mod

    Alarming on lots of levels...

  • silentjimsilentjim Posts: 517 mod

    Kanter being drafted in the 7th is killing me. Absolutely killing me. The centers after him are 100% more valuable for rounds

  • TheThrillTheThrill Posts: 267

    I enjoy reading them, but I agree that the best thing to do is read multiple sources and develop your own opinion. You'll learn relatively quickly who you connect with and agree with versus who you don't. Then hopefully you track those folks and keep an eye on their activity. On Yahoo (for example), I find that I agree more with Andy Behrens moreso than other guys. And I'm always enjoying what Buser and Phan put together when they're up against other industry experts. Eric Wong over at 82games is another guy who I've found has valuable advice.

    The harder ones for me are rookie projections because I'm not a big follower of college basketball (though I enjoy it a lot, my time is just limited). I have historically found it challenging to find a source I consistently find valuable when it comes to assessing the potential of recent draftees. Perhaps that a common issue we all face.

  • TekTek Posts: 62
    edited September 2014

    These are mock drafts and this may be their 1st draft of the season.
    In all likelihood none of the "experts" have prepared a pre-draft list, there is nothing on the line for them.

    As Fenris says "It's a good thing to examine those drafts and decide exactly why you may agree/disagree with some of their rankings or analysis."

    Also, the nature of fantasy sports is predicting and guessing, so you have to expect some variance from draft to draft.

  • Phil_OPastryPhil_OPastry Posts: 317

    @silentjim said:
    Kanter being drafted in the 7th is killing me. Absolutely killing me. The centers after him are 100% more valuable for rounds

    Especially because Kanter will be playing Power Forward this season... B)

  • RedhopefulRedhopeful Posts: 182 mod

    @Tek said:
    These are mock drafts and this may be their 1st draft of the season.
    In all likelihood none of the "experts" have prepared a pre-draft list, there is nothing on the line for them.

    I'm not buying the lack of preparation argument; otherwise, they need to be forced out of the business! >:)

    Hehe, I do know for a fact that Buser used a pre-draft list (aka. his projections) and we can assume a host others had some sort of aid as well.

  • silentjimsilentjim Posts: 517 mod

    @Phil_OPastry said:
    Especially because Kanter will be playing Power Forward this season... B)

    Hahaha. I'd bet that Kanter doesn't start at PF, doesn't last long at PF if does, or gets traded before the deadline.

    Kanter playing PF is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. He's not Tim Duncan...

  • daseindasein Posts: 937

    Should we be shocked that 'experts' still get it wrong?

    Probably not. I mean, it's not like there is a qualification to become an expert. These guys don't have to earn degrees or anything. It seems like all you really need is to be buddies with whoever has the resources/expertise to set up a website.

    I stopped reading that rotoworld draft after the MCW pick.

  • geodbeargeodbear Posts: 79 mod

    Since I pretty much draft with the same group of people year after year, I don't pay attention to what the "experts" for the most part. If there is commentary, I'll look to see what's said.

  • I get tired of the obvious pea cocking with their draft picks. Half of the time it's like they'll reach for a guy just to prove a point and not because the player should go there or not.

  • silentjimsilentjim Posts: 517 mod

    The peacocking is insane and I kind of wish the other experts would call out the others on it. Like the MCW pick. I like MCW more than most, but drafting him in the second is just ridiculous and there was just a "oh he probably could have waited another round or two..." comment. Let's not even talk about how he's still recovering from surgery making him a risky pick in a redraft league for sure.

    If you all recall I drafted Kobe in the BBM mock at 36th overall and got some flack for it. In the FandF league he went 29. Since I don't like a lot of the picks I don't know if that makes me a moron or a trend setter.

  • wesbaedkewesbaedke Posts: 119

    Pretty sure you can be a moron and a trend setter @silentjim. :smile:

    Despite several questionable picks, overall the draft wasn't terrible. Pulling out the mock from last year that was published in the preseason rotoworld mag, someone took Drummy 22nd overall as a 'peacocking' pick...didn't turn out too bad. It is what it is...of course it's tough for all of us to view most of these guys as industry experts anyway.

  • Yeah but if you make like 10 peacocking picks, one should turn out to look good.

  • Fenris_77Fenris_77 Posts: 215

    Yeah, but then your team is one peacock and a bunch of flaming turds. How's that gonna work out? :D I think it's just a mechanism for them to be able to say 'I told you so' half way through the season when no one remembers that beyond that one good pick they might as well have let the chimp run their laptop for the draft in question.

  • RedhopefulRedhopeful Posts: 182 mod

    So we're all in agreement that many have failed to escape adolescence?

  • The issue for the topic you bring up really is American culture, the peacoking you guys are talking about. People tend to value appearance and ballsy, but unschooled risk taking. An arrant fool wins.

    Matthew Berry ascending to ESPN is the primordial example. The guy is a prattling pretentious punk, who have I beaten both in league and in early 2k post board battles (well I claim the latter anyway ;)

    90% of anyone with more than 10 posts in the history of the cafe is smarter than him.

    There was some pretentious baseball prick who took Jimmy Rollins top 8 for like 8 years in a row. The one year his BA was randomly high enough, along with games played, he was able to flaunt his stuff

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