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Chris Paul vs DeMarcus Cousins in a keeper league. The importance of youth when choosing a keeper.

funkymonkeyfunkymonkey Member Posts: 5

At what point do let go of a stud veteran for the upside of youth?

I'm in a long-running 2-keeper standard roto league with no limitations on how long you can keep a player once he's on your team. My #1 keeper is Anthony Davis, who I luckily snagged in last year's draft (thus washing away the pain of having Derrick Rose as a keeper from the year before). The question now comes with my #2 keeper.

I had the fortune of grabbing Chris Paul as a rookie and he's been my centerpiece ever since. Now I am faced with his supposed "decline" (I put it in quotes because I still feel he is a bonafide stud) vs the rise of DeMarcus Cousins, who seems to be evolving at a ridiculous pace both in talent and usage.

All the early rank lists I've seen still have Paul ahead of Cousins, but not by much. How would you rank these two going into next year and beyond?


  • Grounded_PoloGrounded_Polo Member, League - Bonanza Keeper League Posts: 64

    I'm riding Chris Paul until his legs fall off, guy is only 29 here, not 34.

  • RedhopefulRedhopeful Member, Moderator, League - Bonanza Keeper League, League - Battle of the Sports Forums Posts: 182 mod

    Although Cousins has a nice future, I'd also still roll with CP3. Ask yourself this, what is a high but realistic ceiling for the big man? He'll never be a big shot-blocker nor likely develop a consistent 3 point shot. Due to his usage, turnovers will remain problematic. And lastly, his FT% will probably hurt more than it'll ever help.

  • Fenris_77Fenris_77 Member, League - Bonanza Keeper League, League - Salary Cap League Posts: 215

    Yeah, I'm with Red on this one. Paul's 'decline' isn't so imminent that you throw him back in the pool based on age issues.

  • geodbeargeodbear Member, Moderator, League - Bonanza Keeper League, League - Battle of the Sports Forums Posts: 79 mod

    Davis and Paul is a foundation to a championship this year weighs more to me than possibly having a championship foundation a couple of years from now; cross the bridge of Paul's decline when it comes, especially since you are in a 2 keeper league. There's no need to try and anticipate it.

  • TheThrillTheThrill Member, League - Bonanza Keeper League Posts: 267

    Agreed. It's only 2 keepers. Even if Cousins becomes a consistent first round talent (which would be a bummer if you don't keep him), you can still enjoy the current success (with Paul/Davis) and likely another keeper worthy player will cross your path in the future. It's always evolving.

  • funkymonkeyfunkymonkey Member Posts: 5

    Thanks for the input, all! I was already planning on keeping Paul but was looking for someone to talk me into Cousins. As a Paul fan, I'm already biased (tho I've managed to draft Cousins 2 years in a row) so it's easy for me to keep going w/ Paul.

    I don't necessarily believe in his decline. His per-minute production is still good. It seems like the biggest concern is that of missing more games due to injury because of his "advanced age." I'm older than he is, so I pray that isn't the case.

    Anyways, thanks again for chiming in. =)

  • cnote23cnote23 Member Posts: 20

    I agree with the others Paul is still a stud and still has some life. Cousins is very unpredictable.

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